How to make love for the first time

Love for the first time
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For many young people like making love for the first time it is a matter of great concern and we hope that this article will be helpful.

How to make love for the first time?

When we talk about the first time, we refer to the first time you have penetrative sex. However, there are many other first times that are equally important as the first kiss, the first touch, the first time I stripped off to someone, the first masturbation, fellatio first, the first cunnilingus …

In any case, the first penetration holds a special meaning and therefore each person has the right to decide how, with whom and when you want to start, and the type of sexual practice to perform.

In this article I would like to guide all those people who raised their first time and have doubts.

Questions most often come to see me

All my friends have had group sex / my partner told me that if I do with he / she will leave me. I’m hesitant what do I do?

It is usual to feel some pressure from your friends or your partner, especially as time passes, but it is important that you are who end up taking the decision. Love has nothing to do with insight, love your partner does not mean you have to have intercourse; there are many other practices that can carry out and which do not involve penetration.

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When is the time to start?

Fortunately there is no definite date or a specific time in which all people have to start having sex. There is no moment for everyone. Each person begins when he wants to do, when he wants and feels he is ready. Be prepared / a means you want to live this experience, if it is not in doubt and do not rush, no hurry.

And if I’m not up to it? What if I make a fool of yourself?

Often both boys and girls ye nervous and unsure for the first time. What can you do in this situation? What I advise is that interest and affection for your partner, being the first time it is normal that you are not very skilled, nobody is born taught, the main thing is the feelings and emotions that will be generated among you. You thinks living up means getting and giving pleasure to your partner, i.e. that both enjoy the experience.

Can I stay pregnant the first time?

Yes, so you must decide in advance what contraception you are going to use. It is also essential that you protect yourselves from sexually transmitted diseases, as the fear of pregnancy and possible contagion hinders the experience enjoyable.

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Does it hurt the first time?

Usually do not get hurt if penetration with an appropriate degree of excitement or if you face this experience nervousness and tension. In addition you can feel discomfort when the hymen is broken, but does not have to be traumatic.

It is important to have confidence with the couple, who have tenderness and affection, as this will encourage you to be relaxed and possible annoyances remain in the background.

Basic Tips for the first time is satisfactory

  • Do it when you’re ready.
  • Choose wisely with whom you will live this experience.
  • Listen to your feelings.
  • Take for yourself / to this decision.
  • Use effective birth control.
  • Do whatever you want, do not do anything you do not want.
  • Pay attention to your partner.
  • Play sexually letting the sensations.
  • Enjoy the moment.

Finally, if you doubt arises about how to make love for the first time or want a more specialized care can contact me, I will resolve your doubts delighted. And remember: To have or not to have sex is a decision that everyone has the right.

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