How to make the right decision and choose what you want?

make the right decision
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Do you clumsily or quickly react when you have a problem that worries or when someone hurts you?

Are you often hesitant to make a new decision for you?

Do you think you will not be able to decide to choose what you want?

I understand what you live and many people are just like you. However if you react according to the same learned habits, the same beliefs, then there will be light at the end of the tunnel you will see but the train is coming over!

Fortunately, to change their reality and their sense of being, you should choose a process of conscious creation to permanently transform an unwanted situation into something nice.

What is the best decision for you?

The best decision for you is one that is true, true to you, even if you do not believe. Believing is a function of the mind that is often conditioned by obedience, fear, guilt and other conditions from birth, while their feelings are never wrong.

They are what you are at every moment, at every moment and forget, it is to forget what you are and make a decision based on what you are not. In addition, you cannot consciously choose if you do not have a choice between what you are and what you are not!

If you want to know what is true for you, just observe your feelings, observe how you feel in a relationship any unreacted when you feel bad, but to accept and understand this situation (feeling and reality) that you have created, inadvertently.

The sentiments expressed are his emotions

Everyone tells him to control his emotions, to measure them, but I say that it is much easier and simpler to understand, use and express them with transparency without harming others.

Were you born with legs? It has a reason for being. Were you born with feelings and emotions? They have a reason for being. However, denying them, without memory, judging them or repressing them, you do not accept his true nature.

Your mind is not right, that’s the ego that has formed due to lack of choice, lack of awareness. The nature of your mind is to make decisions for elections based on three fields:

  • Logic (external observation of reality)
  • Imagination or intuition (external perception of their state of being)
  • Emotions (expression of feelings and states of being)

Are dangerous emotions?

Because you are not careful or aware of their feelings or states of being, then you react most cases, from a state of being uncomfortable, painful and your emotions are anything but natural .

Emotions are dangerous when they are denied, repressed, measured and controlled, since once the pressure cooker is well compressed an explosion occurs.

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As a result, you multiply the problems in their relations and related also react like you to produce even more pain and suffering in relationships.

Do you understand every sense of the phrase: “Do not do to others what you do not queras you”? Not because it hurts others, but you too. That takes you back without asking or demanding anything from anyone.

Without awareness of feelings and emotions, you offset by the ego and reason.

Rare are the people who are aware of their feelings (the mix with emotions) and believe the problem is emotions. Thus, to remedy the situation, people have come to believe that it is necessary to measure them, master them by means of reason.

Actually, it is the neglect of their feelings, lack of attention to them, which is the root cause of all our emotional and relationship problems. In addition, you forget your feelings, when you are convinced that the reason is the ultimate power of decision.

I was there why people “educated, in power” judge emotions as a bad thing for the benefit of reason. However, without emotions, you cannot express what you are not creating anything new.

If people do not use their emotions to move your body, then by default, they seek to force others to do the “work” instead. Thus, the accumulation of knowledge becomes a priority in order to command, to decide for others to do or not for their own interests.

They have even invented cultural myths that educated people should be in power to lead others.

But without own experiences to evolve self – awareness through the feelings and emotions , how to understand, really understand others, without understanding first? How have compassion and love, without knowing yourself?

The reason to choose a new decision precludes

Reason is not to think but to repeat the past known that others have told him to think no other option. It is a read only memory that accumulates words and does not accept what is new, that is what is unknown.

How can you make a new decision with the reason or ego? How can you make a new decision, when there is only a possibility, it is their will from their reason?

His reason seeks to win, and who is afraid of losing face. Then she does not choose, she takes the same comfortable and familiar decision.

The reason is not a faculty of the mind, is an invention of man to reach their goals by controlling others through harsh word stirs, culpability instead of creating your life with others, with comforting and liberating words.

The will is not a faculty of the mind, is an invention of man who is unaware of the existence of a choice between the creative process and a reaction process. It is an intention without awareness of their own current feelings, their own truths.

Consciousness is not a faculty of the mind; it is a result that you have created from a conscious choice in order to remember who you are through lived experiences and feelings. To determine what is right or wrong, according to you, according to your own experiences and feelings.

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But if you decide according to their beliefs, then your consciousness does not evolve as you repeat the same experience and no new feeling will be felt.

In other words, your life is only focused on the “to do” without being aware of “being”.

How to make a decision by choice?

When you want to make a decision, it is because you want to change something in your reality. That reality is a consequence, a result of a choice between creating a process of conscious or unconscious reaction process.

Creation is a happy choice and the reaction is a struggle, a resistance. However, how to change your reality without struggle or resistance?

You cannot resist a thing to which you do not give any reality. The act of resisting one thing is an act of grant it life. When you resist energy, you located there. The more he resists the more real the back.

You should leave, if you wish to change your reality and uncomfortable feeling. It is through the abandonment you do come into existence, another state of being calm and gentle. In those moments, they are born great ideas for the solution to your problems or problems of others.

Decisions are easy, since you have is now a conscious choice between his uncomfortable feeling and another state of being that comes into existence without any effort, but by the acceptance and understanding of their feelings.

Do not forget, he is accepting that you have created that reality and that feeling, that you can have control of his life and then choose to keep or not that situation.

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