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The Oxford dictionary defines a selfie as “a picture that makes oneself, usually made with a smartphone or web and shared camera through social networks” and extends to the following example: “The selfies point are acceptable but publish a picture every day is not necessary.”

Let’s face it, few things are really necessary in life and we believe that there are exceptions to every rule – days where you have perfect hair, perfect eyebrows or one of those days when everything goes as prevision- are great opportunities to make a selfie or three. However, do not forget that we can take the game to the next level selfie during travel. It is like sending postcards to your friends happy and who does not like gay postcards? True, like everyone. So before you fill the memory of your phone with your face, check out our six best tips to make selfies.

1. Arms

Rule selfie number one: try not to leave your arms in the picture, even if it means you have to put your arms in a rare position. Work with the angles or use the trimming function.

2. Face

Next: The face. While sunglasses are very good, do not do all selfies with them on. I’m sure you have nice eyes. As taught us supermodel Tyra Banks ex in the famous American TV show America’s Next Top Model, you have to learn to smile with your eyes. And be natural: forget the pout, pout or lips the fish, Smile as if there were no camera! The people look better when you smile and you travel, so why not smile?

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3. Background

Although you may have found the perfect light with a lamppost nearby, there is nothing good that you leave behind a dumpster, shows that stunning sunset or the bright California sun South African beach. Choosing the ideal background is also the key to getting more “I like”.(And make no mistake, when you publish a photograph that matters are the “I like”, however much they try to separate your self – esteem of it). Maybe people are tired of your face, but if the picture comes a kangaroo or Sydney opera House, everyone will love and they give the “I like” right away.

4. Shoot first, then edited

Few people admit it, but behind every good selfie there are a few pretty bad photos that do not make the cut: even the most experienced sometimes go out with closed eyes or take a container at the bottom. Therefore: Try different angles and shoot as if you dedicate yourself to it, then edit, filter and label. Do not filter anyone your photo folder and everything will be fine.

5. The team

Personally, I prefer to use only the smartphone, but there are devices that can be very useful or just plain fun; as a GoPro with a fisheye lens to take panoramic or accessories such as clip cat lights to brighten the picture. A DSLR camera gives good quality images and can make you look more understood, but the goal could also prevent captives that incredible background or your face in its entire splendor. In addition, they are mostly very cumbersome for travel.

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Okay, I know it seems I’ve forgotten the sticks to make selfies: be useful, but unless you and / or all your friends have extremely short arms (I mean the style T-Rex), do not use. In many places prohibit sticks to make selfies, and they have a ridiculous looking.

6. Selfies group

If you’re not traveling alone, I recommend you do selfies group for many reasons: A) It’s good to show people you travel with. B) Shows other people that you are not ashamed of their existence. C) You can always use the label “#squadgoals” and ask at once why nobody any expression like more than selfie group’s it happened. If you go in a group, make sure it is run by the most experienced in doing selfies. Hopefully it will also be the person with the longest arm. (Basically, we all need a friend who can make our club to make selfies).

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