How to manage your salary?

Manage your salary
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No matter how much you earn, if managed well you can do to pay your salary so that you reach for your expenses, fun and even save. Learn the tips to make you have a good financial balance.

Regardless of the amount of your salary, it is important to be clear about what your expenses and prioritize. This will help you have control over your money.

These are the main tips to make ends meet do not have a balance in red and instead enjoy a few bucks more that will serve to save. It is important that the following questions are made: How are your finances and how you would have them?

Evaluate your finances

For very basic that seems aside some time to evaluate your finances: keep in mind what your income, expenses and debts. You can do monthly, but if you magically disappears money is better take a daily accounting of how much spending.

To determine your expenses note these calculations by LifeStyleQA…

  • For Housing (including utilities and maintenance) allocate between 30 and 35%.
  • For Food intended between 16% and 20%.
  • For Transportation (including insurance, gas, and public transport) invests between 17% and 19%.
  • For Clothing and services (including arrangements, laundry) allocate between 5% and 7%.
  • For Health (including insurance) invests between 5% and 9%.
  • For Fun and entertainment allocate between 3% and 6%.
  • For Savings (including retirement) invests between 2% and 10%.
  • For All other expenses (including magazines and newspapers, education expenses, personal care, monetary contributions, life and disability insurance and miscellaneous expenses) allocated between 7% and 12%.

The percentages may vary according to your needs. The idea is to have greater control over each of the items you spend monthly.

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Do not overdo expenses

One of the fundamental premises and although it seems obvious is not spending more money than you make. It is very usual that at the end of the month no money for basic expenses. For this reason, it is important to have limits and not exceed them. Also avoid spending on vices such as alcohol or cigarettes.

Make family plans

One way to save is to avoid eating out. Does not mean it is not entitled to go to a restaurant in the whole month, but avoid doing so is a big savings. Similarly, when do you need to buy market not to waste food?


If you are unable to control their impulse to buy, it is better to leave credit cards at home and take with you the money that estimates it will spend. This will be coheir of certain luxuries that will embarrass this month.

Also ask yourself if the product you’re buying is necessary, will be useful and will use it. Remember to buy credit card generates an interest, so buying out more expensive than if paid in cash. In this way, use the credit card to what is absolutely necessary.


Set a goal to save on each payment, regardless of the figure is money that will be useful for an emergency or for any eventuality, which will prevent your finances, get in trouble. It is advisable to save up to 30% of their salary.

After a time that has sufficient resources may make investments that produce returns: rent a house, have a small business, buy stocks, invest in a collective portfolio, among others.

Live with the same salary

If you increase the salary, is still living with the same salary as before. Normally when revenues increase, costs increase. For this reason, it is advisable that does not have that extra money, which will serve as another method of saving. If you are unable to do this, perform a recalculation of their new income vs. your expenses.

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Not all that glitters is gold

In stores often tempt the pocket promotions. Take time to evaluate whether really what they offer is an offer or a hook to push it to spend.

Public services

Start with the simplest recommendations to save the utility bills: turn off the lights do not use, do not leave turned on the computer when it is unused, close the faucet while soaping, use light bulbs, where more time are switched and periodically decongestant the refrigerator for no more work.

The iron is one of the appliances that consume more light, so avoid ironing towels or sheets, they really are not as necessary as a shirt or pants.

Control your consumption

Cell count can generate a surplus in their spending. Therefore, it is advisable to have a closed to not overdo the use of plan minutes.

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