How to order special meal on a flight according to your diet

How to order special meal
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It is true that in domestic or short-haul flights long as there is no catering service included in the rate. If anything, you pass a cart selling some soda or sandwich. Usually, if you get on a short flight in a low cost company, you know what you paid for your trip does not include any food.

However, companies do not low cost and long-haul flights remain the catering service.

You know that if you follow a specific diet, you can request a special meal for you?

Yes, for personal needs, or for some particular food allergy diet, you can ask that your flight segments will serve you an option that you can eat without problems.

How to order special meal on a flight?

Once you have confirmed your airline reservation, you must include in your application the same special meal. For this you can make contact with the airline until 72 hours before the flight (some airlines can be up to 48 hours). If you made your reservation through a travel agency, they themselves can make you order.

Some airline reservations online platforms allow you to include your order directly. Otherwise, you need to contact customer the airline issuing the ticket you.

But…What special menus are served on a flight?

Overall all airlines can offer a wide range of options. You should always check with it, but generally find the following options, the one that best suits your needs.

Within your reservation, indicate a special code for each type of food, the list below you will see in parentheses. These codes are international so if in the same book there are several airlines, all understand what service should lend.

Let’s look at the special menus available. In this case I have taken the example of Singapore Airlines, simply because it is a comprehensive list, so they can see more alternatives.

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Meals for babies and children

  • Baby food (BBML): Adapted for babies under 1 year; This meal consists of 3 jars (about 80g / 30oz to 110g / 4oz per jar) baby food – a main course, vegetables and dessert.
  • Food for weaning stage (Post-weaning Meal, PWMLM): Adapted for babies between 1 and 2 years; meatier than baby food; easy to bite, chew and digest.
  • Baby food children (CHMLI): Adapted for children under 2 years; meatier than baby food weaning stage (PWMLM) or baby (BBML). The meals are easy to bite and chew (soft) based on light sauces.
  • Food for children (CHML): Adapted for children between 2 and 7 years; less substantial than adult meal, easy to bite and chew, with an attractive presentation for children.

Religious meals

  • Non-Vegetarian Indian food (HNML): This is non-vegetarian food and contains meat (lamb, poultry), fish and / or dairy products. This is a non-vegetarian food ideal for those who do not eat beef, veal, pork, smoked fish and raw. Typically cooked with spices or curry, whose preparation and cooking style may vary?
  • Kosher food (KSML): Prepared according to Jewish religious specifications, is a packaged (sealed) food containing meat.
  • Kosher Vegetarian (KSMLV): Prepared according to Jewish religious specifications, this is a packaged (sealed) food which excludes the use of any meat, seafood and dairy products.
  • Muslim food (MOML): This meal does not include alcohol, pork or derived from this meat, like ham or bacon. Its preparation and cooking style may vary.

Vegetarian meals

  • Eating raw food (RVML): This meal only includes raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Indian Vegetarian food (AVML): This is a non strict vegetarian food that does not include any kind of meat cooked Indian style and usually spicy. Niguna not allow meat, fish or eggs. May contain dairy products
  • Vegetarian food Jain (VJML): According to the precepts of Jainism, this food is cooked Indian style and does not include any meat, seafood, eggs or dairy products in your preparation. Onions, garlic, ginger, mushrooms and tubers are also not used.
  • Oriental Vegetarian (VOML) Food: Typically cooked Chinese style, this meal contains no meat, seafood, eggs, or dairy products.
  • Food Vegetarian Vegan (VGML): Typically cooked Western – style, this meal contains no meat, seafood, eggs, or dairy products.
  • Ovo-Vegetarian Food Dairy (VLML): Prepared Western – style, is a non-strict vegetarian food that does not include any meat or fish, but can contain eggs and dairy products.

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Diet meals

  • Without food Seasonings (BLML): Does not contain irritants (such as black pepper, paprika, caffeine, cocoa, alcohol).
  • Food for Diabetics (DBML): This meal does not include sugar and salt content is limited.
  • Food without fats (FFMLM): This meal excludes the use of animal fats or fatty foods and dairy products. Naturally cholesterol – rich foods, such as red meat, shrimp and poultry skin of all types are avoided. Fried foods of all kinds are forbidden.
  • Fruit Dish (FPML): This meal includes fresh fruits only.
  • Food Gluten (GFML): This meal does not include wheat, rye, barley, and oats or saved in any form (including food products that may contain ingredients such).
  • Low Calorie Food (LCML): Meal with limited fat, sauces, gravies and fried content. The amount of sugars is reduced.
  • Food Low Fat / Cholesterol (LFML): Does not include animal fats; It does not contain red meat, shrimp, poultry skin or fried foods; prepared without butter, cream or fatty cheeses; only it includes lean meats and liquid polyunsaturated vegetable fats.
  • Low Waste Food Fibres (LFBRS): This meal easily digestible limits the amount of fiber consumed. Bran products and whole grains are avoided. And fruits, vegetables and juices are restricted.
  • Food Low in Lactose (NLML): In this meal foods containing milk, milk solids, casein, cheese, cream, butter, lactose and margarine are excluded.
  • Food Low Sodium, No Salt Added (LSML): Processed foods with added sodium salt (such as baking powder, soda, monosodium glutamate) are eliminated or used in limited amounts in this meal. No salt is added during processing.
  • Food Without carbohydrates (NCBHD): Does not include any starches or carbohydrates.
  • Meals No Nuts (NFMLA): Ingredients such as peanuts and legumes have been omitted from this food.
  • Food Semi-Liquid (SMFUM): Contains mainly crushed or chopped foods easy to digest (such as milk, yogurt, homogenized meat or minced, pureed vegetables and fruits).
  • Liquid food Suave (SFUML): Contains mainly casted and soupy foods (such as milk, sifted purees, thick soup or light wash).
  • Passengers with food Ulcer (UCDEM): Contains foods grilled or boiled, minimally processed and easily digestible (such as white meat or fish); without fruits or products that cause heartburn.

Other meals

  • Japanese food (JPMLM): Available in Suites and First Class, only on flights from Singapore and other selected routes, with flight duration of 2 or more hours. It is offered on routes to and from Japan only.
  • Food with seafood (SFML): Meal with dishes that contain only fish and seafood.
  • Food no-beef (NBMLM): This meal prohibits the use of beef or beef products in all dishes.

There is an exception or are you asking a favor, it is a right that you have to be a passenger and that comes with your ticket along with the luggage or security.

Very important note: These comprehensive lists of special meals are not available in all areas, we have taken the example of Singapore Airlines for being recognized for the variety and quality of food service on board, but we know that not all companies strive both in this aspect of the trip.

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