How to practice mindful meditation?

Mindful meditation
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Being aware is to live each moment as it is presented. It means recognizing all the thoughts that enter the brain, without stopping to think or criticize. When you are aware, you are able to appreciate every moment and you can be thankful for the little things in life, like a beautiful sunset, helpful neighbor or the tender smile of a child.

Being aware is actually a simple concept, but conscious being can be difficult because often contrasted with our normal state of being. Most of us are accustomed to worrying about everyday problems, giving importance to things in life that cannot be changed (like last) or recantations with commitments and activities.

The first step to be conscious is to make the commitment to yourself to honor the present moment. Practice being conscious as the day progresses.

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Instead of worrying about work deadlines, to get home in the evening, make the vote to put those concerns aside until you get back into the office. Play with your children without thinking about all the chores to do, thanks for all the gifts of your life. Let your whole being is at each moment entirely.

In order to improve your ability to be aware on a regular basis, it is helpful to practice with meditation.

  • Start by finding a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Eliminate all distractions off the television, radio and computer, and find a quiet place to be alone. You can create a peaceful atmosphere by dimming the lights, playing quiet and relaxing music, or light some candles.
  • Focus your eyes softly in front of you, or gently close your eyes. When you feel, just loose thyself.
  • Do not try to remove all thoughts from your brain; it’s likely that only provoke an avalanche of thoughts and ideas. It recognizes each passing through the brain, keeping it for a moment (just watch it), and then release it thought.
  • Concentrate on your breathing to return to your body and at the present moment. Notice how your belly and chest rises and falls with each inhalation and exhalation.
  • Try to inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Give each body part special attention by moving your body, part by part, and recognize how you feel. Breathe at any point you feel tense or stressed. Displays the tension out of the body with each breath

Try sitting quietly for 10 or 15 minutes at first, expanding as you gain confidence and experience in meditation.

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Make the practice of mindfulness meditation a habit in your daily life. I also want to give an additional tool to return to this at any time of the day that is to ask this question. Of all the options I have to do, what excites me do right now? And put this enthusiasm into action.

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