How to Remove a Fake Antivirus That Is Spamming Your Notifications With Virus Threats?

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Rogue security software is a dangerous malware type that will install on your computer pretending to be an antivirus program and then disrupt programs, hijack services, or worse, communicate malicious programs to known users.

Removing a fake antivirus is like getting rid of a Trojan or malware from your computer. However with malware and antivirus, it is always easier because you can run your installed antivirus and have the program scan for and locate the infected files.

Your antivirus will then remove this malicious program and ask you to reboot the computer. So if you are running an authentic Norton or Kaspersky security suite, then you can be assured that your data is safe. But what happens when the cleanup tool itself is an infected file that is running on your computer as a fake antivirus program.

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What are the problems that you might face if there is fake security software on your computer?

Programming experts suggest that antivirus-malware can be fatal to a user in manifold ways. Once you have granted permissions to this program (remember, you think this is a genuine security product!) it will take over control of your PC processes under the disguise of a trusted application. It could then take over your browser, redirect you to unsafe or suspicious sites, hijack Outlook and use it to send out spam, flag known programs as risks, or pop-up bogus threat notifications. Then there may the case where you try to remove it, and this is when it will ask you to launch an update. The highest chance of a fake antivirus causing a computer crash is when you try to uninstall it.

So how do you remove a fake antivirus before it causes irreparable damage?

First things first! Backup all your important data and mail files onto an external hard drive. When you are doing this, it is also a good idea to restart your computer in safe mode with most executable programs disabled. You can also select Safe Mode with Networking if you need to recover files from webmail or need to internet for more how-to on backing up data. Online technical support is also available for this kind of service.

Backed up data? Cleanup malicious programs now

The most secure and sure way of cleaning up your Registry and Start-up programs is by doing it manually. You can also use System Restore tool available on Windows XP, Vista, and 7 to reset all settings till before the program was installed. Remember that once you have the computer in safe mode, the fake antivirus cannot perform any functions. Feel free to browse installed programs and remove any that may indicate unknown publisher.

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Restored PC Health? Now boost performance

Once computer support technicians have cleaned up all malicious programs from your computer, you can ask for optimization tools and other PC tune up utilities to be installed on your computer. Online antivirus support and optimization help will provide you only genuine software so you don’t have to worry about a virus infection. With extended support, you can get your computer repaired at a small annual subscription from the best Microsoft certified technicians. Online computer services provided by companies like HCL touch are available round the clock to resolve all computer and peripheral related issues for you.

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