How to remove freckles, natural remedies to do that

Remove Freckles
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Freckles are given by inheritance. People with skin, eyes and light hair, usually prone to them and are intensified by sun exposure.

Definition of freckles

Freckles are small brown spots that appear on the skin. Often genetic and are more likely to suffer them fair skin people.

In summer, the sun influences the appearance of freckles and darkens existing ones, so sunscreen is very important to control the appearance of the same.

Freckles tend to predominate on the face, hands and legs, although any part of the body exposed to the sun can have them.

How to remove freckles

Remove freckles is very difficult because, as already mentioned, genetics has a lot to do with the appearance of Mimas, but there are treatments to improve or clarify them.

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Some methods that can help us to remove freckles are:

  • Laser treatments: Laser acts on every freckle without damaging the surrounding skin.
  • Chemical peels: Chemical peels that help lighten freckles.
  • Drugs hydroquinone: Hydroquinone is a skin whitener that will help us lighten freckles.
  • Products containing vitamin C and alpha acids hydroxides are also used to fight freckles.

Besides these there are other more natural methods that will also help to lighten freckles, of course the results take a little longer to be but a matter of being patient and consistent. Some natural products that can help you fight freckles are:

  • Lemon juice, grapefruit or orange: Containing vitamin C help lighten freckles. A spoonful of juice with water is mixed and applied to the area with freckles act leaving the mixture overnight. In the morning the area is very clean.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: Apply with a cotton pad freckles and leave overnight. Morning thoroughly clean the area to remove any traces.
  • Butter mask: Apply on the area to be treated a mask of butter and let stand for 15 minutes. It can be use twice a week.
  • Papaya mask: Apply the papaya well crushed on the area to be treated and leave for about 20 minutes. It can be apply every day.

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Beware of the sun!

Here are some tips that will help lighten freckles, but if you do not protect you from the sun these reappear.

Always use a good sunscreen, even in winter, and never take the sun in the middle of the day, if you do and you are prone to freckle these appear.

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