How to send interesting articles to your kindle, which you cannot read now

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In such a world frantic as we live in today, it is sometimes difficult to find the right time to enjoy reading some interesting article we have seen on the web. In addition, if you do not keep them somewhere, these items are lost forever.

There are already several solutions, such as Pocket, to save those readings and enjoy them when we have a relaxing time. However, not everyone likes to consume text on the screen of a computer, tablet or mobile. For many of us, the e-ink Kindle is the best choice to read articles.

Perfect, but what how to send the article to Kindle that you just saw on a website and now you do not have time to read? There are several ways to do this, from a function already integrated into your own Kindle to various third – party tools. Let’s see what they are.

1. Use the service of personal documents

The Kindle has a built-in feature on your system that lets you send personal documents in various formats (DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT …) to the device via email. Each Kindle you have (not just the reader Amazon itself, but also the app installed on any mobile or tablet) has its own e-mail associated, you can change from the Settings section in the area of managing content and devices on the Amazon website. In addition, to avoid sending spam, only e-mail that you previously approved may send documents to your Kindle.

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Thus, the most basic option to send an article from the web to Kindle is save this article in PDF format on the computer, from the Print menu of the web browser, and then send the PDF as an attachment to the address associated with your Kindle device. It’s not the most comfortable option, but the only one that does not require extra applications.

2. Official extensions for your browser Kindle

In addition to the function of sending documents via e-mail, Amazon also has two extensions (for Chrome and Firefox) with which you can send any article, news or other Web content to your device. Of all the options I tested for this article, it is the best sends the content in question format (text font, margins, readability).

3. Set Instapaper for use with Kindle

Are you user Instapaper? This service to save articles and read them later can be configured to integrate with Kindle. To do this, go to Settings menu and under section Kindle, you’ll see a few simple steps: add the e-mail Instapaper as approved sender so you can send documents to your Kindle, and then enter the address associated with the device where you want to receive your items.

Then you can choose various settings, such as receiving, all items stored in Instapaper immediately, or rather a compilation of several once a day or week.

4. Readability and “Send to Kindle” function

For those who are more than Readability than Instapaper, this service and brings the function “Send to Kindle” integrated among its options. You only have to install the Chrome extension and see this function on the menu icon Readability. To work, yes, you have previously set as with Instapaper: that is, add the e-mail sender Readability as approved, and provide the service address associated with your Kindle to which you want to send the items.

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5. Harness the power of IFTTT

Finally, you have the possibility of using the recipes IFTTT to combine your favorite online services with sending documents to Kindle: Dropbox, Pocket, Feedly…

There are plenty of recipes already created, so you just have to find the one that best suits your needs or throw yourself to create your own… Happy reading!

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