How to watch videos Periscope on the PC without dying in the attempt

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Periscope has not only broken into the mobile landscape sweeping away the competition, but has managed to put so fashionable live streaming and live large heavyweights like Facebook or Google have been forced to react by announcing its alternatives Facebook Live and YouTube Connect.

But the problem is that Periscope is a unique application for mobile devices, so there is no official way to make it work on our PC. So today we decided to take a look at the panorama of Android emulators for PC to see which works with or quits the application.

Of course, first of all we need to have downloaded the APK application. We will have to pull APK Downloader for download from Google Play or, as I did, use APK Mirror to download it directly from there.

Arc Welder, so far the only reliable alternative

Arc Welder is an extension for Chrome in which you can run some Android applications. I say some because unfortunately not all working properly. All we have to do to install it is to open Google’s browser and download the webapp from the Chrome Web Store.

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After installing the application we will execute, and the first thing we will is a home screen where you choose the option “Add your APK” and select the apk that we have gone down before. By doing a screen in which we will be given to choose various formats to execute appears.

My recommendation is that choosing executes this vertical orientation Portrait. Form factor will have several options to make the experience true to the original idea the two are the recommended Phone or Tablet depending on the size you want it to be. Then we’ll just give Test and the application will run.

Periscope unfortunate not working as well as we would like to Arc Welder, but is that after many trials has ended up being the best way to use it in PC, so we’ll have to make do with what there is.

And there is that the app freezes occasionally, especially if we leave a minimized while, what do we have to run it again from time to time if we are not aware of it. We have to also forget our webcam issue, having us be content with being mere spectators.

BlueStacks, still too many buts

The second option that can install Periscope is called BlueStacks, a program born a few years ago to try that we can use Android apps on Windows. The client got off on the web and then proceeding to perform a simple installation after which the program will run only.

Once inside, the first thing you have to do is enter the tab Android to access the emulator and view the available applications. Before we can do anything the program will ask us permission to improve our location and install some applications like Facebook or Instagram, but then be free and entangle at will.

It’s time to click on the option to search for applications and write Periscope, so BlueStacks will redirect us to Google Play to download. Clicking on the action we are asked to inrtoduzcamos credentials several times our Google account to configure access, and once done can download the application normally.

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The good news is that everything is much more fluid than with Arc Welder, but the bad news is that costs horrors establish connection with issuers, and when it does not end up going completely fine. In BlueStacks they are aware of the problem, and they have said in their social networks that are working to fix it in future releases.

Tried other alternatives, but none works

With the bad taste we have left with BlueStacks we have spent a few hours to explore other options to try to run Periscope at least a little better than with Arc Welder, but we have not finished troubleshooting. In fact, in all of them the problem has been the same: the application is connecting to the issuer in sternum unfinished access your streaming.

Emulators Android PC we have been trying unsuccessfully to have been Genimotion, Andy OS, NOX, YouWave and Droid4X, all for the same problem unless Andy OS, which is based on such outdated Android version that is not supported. The only thing we have left out has been AMIDuOS for being a paid program, because to not make life difficult for less experienced users have preferred to focus the free.

Therefore, the conclusion we can draw is that today Arc Welder is the only reliable application to run on a PC Persicope as the rest fails to connect with issuers. The only exception is BlueStacks, which occasionally goes crazy and connected, but the experience is so bad that it’s not worth even try to do so support.

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