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This year, the purpose of Microsoft is to expand to other platforms. For many, the announcement put aside the development of Windows Phone was a decisive step work on other projects. Following the rumors, the Redmond company introduced its keyboard for iOS and is now available in the AppStore.
In February, Microsoft introduced the Android keyboard, but so far has not been very well received by users. Hub combines a minimal design with the ability to share documents Office 365 and contacts from our address book in Outlook. The keyboard is part of ‘Microsoft Garage’, an experimental project application development.

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It should be noted that the keyboard for the time being, only in English. After downloading the application on your mobile device and perform configuration, we can link our Office 365 account to share documents. Hub requests access to contacts our phone, so that even we can send more easily.

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The keyboard stands out for its elegant and simple design, but gives more functions to the user. It appears to Microsoft today Hub is not their priority and seems to be more a test version of an application that conquers iOS users. The SwiftKey company owns, so you have to see what happens in the coming months with this famous keyboard.

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