I upgraded to Windows 10 by mistake, do you have a solution?

Windows 10
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Microsoft has been a little more aggressive to “force” to users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 to migrate to the new Windows 10. The truth is that many of them can see that the system has been updated almost involuntarily. Fortunately, there is a drawback that is easily remedied.

First, as we have updated perhaps the ideal is check that everything works properly. Here it is interesting to verify both programs and peripherals. Also easy to move through the new system, which also involves a change too traumatic.

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If we see that everything works properly, the system moves smoothly and we have no problem, we need not be in a hurry to go back when. The main setback it involves the learning curve of the new system or menu access to applications, but most companies, which are the most commonly, used desktop shortcuts, so just continue to work.

On the other hand if we are not satisfied or just not the right time to change the system time, simply press the menu button, go to Settings, choose the option to upgrade and safety and here appear option to return to Windows 7, one option will be available for one month after the update, but then disappears.

Important also check that you can access eGovernment, we digital certificates work, we can send and sign paperwork in the pages of the Tax Office, Social Security or electronic notice we receive. The main drawback in migration is the confusion between Microsoft Edge, the new system default browser and Internet Explorer, which is often used for telematic access to the administration.

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The truth is that for many companies are not the best time to migrate, with Easter just around the corner, in a country like ours where tourism is the engine of many businesses. In addition also comes into play the tax issue, with a second quarter with a lot of work for most businesses.

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