If you cannot delete locked files on your computer, Unlocker is the solution

delete locked files
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One of the “problems” that more headaches give users, not by gravity, but by how absurd it often turns out, is the one that refers to failure resulting in the removal of a file from your computer when the system it is determined to say that is in use or locked.

And the problem is that it is not … something that probably ever happened to you and brought you out of your boxes, especially if it is a large file and need the space it occupies. The solution? Do I Restart, enter safe mode? Could be some remedies, but today we will address the problem in a simple way by using the Unlocker application.

We are facing a very useful application for those cases where the computer becomes rebellious and takes over the content stored preventing, as we have said before, removing a file or directory.

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The reasons for this problem we would have to see them apart, then we could be in the presence of some form of malware affecting that particular file, something in the system that is being used or any application that have not closed without realizing that It maintains the current file.


Unlocker works in a very simple way, as to unlock the file in question just going to start the application and find what is the path where the rebel file, so that we will do is click on it and then “accept” to unlock and thus work with himself, either by renaming, copying, moving, cutting or eliminating.

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Unlocker, as we have said before, is free, but also is a portable application, i.e. no installation required. Its weight is minimal and is available for Windows version 32 bit and 64 bit

Did You know Unlocker? You can surely find other alternatives in the market, but we believe this is one of the most interesting if we look to free and portability.

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