If you like James Bond you should visit the Schilthorn Mountain

Schilthorn Mountain
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The Schilthorn is a mountain in the Bernese pre-Alps, with a height of 2,970 meters. It is the highest in the Swiss Alpine foothills. But the most striking aspect of this mountain, except for its idyllic Swiss belleda, is its close relationship with James Bond.

At the top of the mountain we find a rotating restaurant, Piz Gloria. The restaurants as well as the cable car were built by the Bernese architect Konrad Wolf. Because of the difficulty of building a restaurant like this on top of a mountain, many parts were prefabricated restaurant. And here some scenes from a James Bond film were shot.

Futurism snow

The outer skin of the upper floor of the restaurant is completely glass, and sitting at any table, in one hour, you will give a full turn clock thanks to the mechanism of rotation of the structure, watching the panorama 360 degrees: 40 peaks and 20 glaciers (when it was built in 1969 was the first revolving restaurant in the world, which makes little sense in such a high place and so far from everything: the grace of being here is atalayar what is around).

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The mechanism works thanks to solar energy. The futuristic restaurant, then, is so striking that of course was not lost on James Bond.

It was here where some scenes were filmed 007 Secret Service His Majesty. They are projecting sequences often in the same restaurant. However, these scenes can revisionary remind you that this installment of the series was one of the less fortunate, and it was not even starring Sean Connery, George Lazenby but that was his only foray into this character.

Also, to take full economic performance in this film made, there are souvenir shops on site restaurant, where one can purchase, such as a hat or a vest with 007 stamped. A little tacky, but has its charms.

The restaurant has 40 tables, and prices of the dishes, as you can imagine, are as high as the restaurant. At least I thank you for the fact that there is no dish on the menu called soup to Bond or Founde Licensed to Kill. Or at least, if I had, my brain was pleased to see it stop me when I visited the place a few years ago.

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Not far from there is another icon dedicated to the character of James Bond. On this occasion, the actor who played the character in some other occasion: Roger Moore. I mean Gstaad, a town southwest of the country, at 1,050 meters above sea level, which has hosted the flower world, because next to St. Moriz and Verbier, Gstaad has one of the most elite ski resorts Switzerland. Here was a house Dodi Fayed, which often met with Lady Di. Also they had Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. And Roger Moore spent six months here each year.

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