Incompatibility of homeopathy

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Would you like to know all the possible incompatibilities of homeopathy with medicines and other naturally occurring substances?

Difference between medicine and homeopathy

Homeopathy is a discipline that works on the vital qualitative level, stimulating the power to heal itself, using (too small of a substance potentially pathogenic) the remedy in each case infinitesimal doses.

Meanwhile, traditional medicine treats the disease with limited doses (with weight easily measurable and visible weigh able the observer) of medicine, based on mechanistic concepts.

It follows that the action mechanisms are different and both methods are based on different concepts, but not necessarily incompatible:

  • Simply they are working at different levels and action. Homeopathy substances used at that dilution, so that vaccines are similar to, deep level acting producing reactions in the body or defensive systems.
  • Traditional medicine uses substances that inhibit or eliminate the symptoms of a symptomatic picture, acting superficially, to the action on the cause, organ … … antigen, and vaccines, but with living things, attenuated, killed or their secretions.

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Do they support medicines and homeopathy?

One issue that undoubtedly, much concern to patients is taking medication and possible incompatibilities with homeopathy.

The truth is that it is unclear what positive or negative effects of using both medicines as both work on different plans and contrary healing are opposite treatments that have nothing to do with each other.

I advise end medicine and start another, if it has not been effective. If you use both on a particular pathology, it will be the homeopath who, under his personal opinion, what has been needed or supported at the time. Since the disease is not an isolated entity in the complex human organism.

Both disciplines should respect each other, for the good of the patient, just as professionals should be informed both by the patient on the treatment to take in each.

Generally, all allopathic medicines are incompatible with homeopathic treatments when used together in the same person. Always produce the action of allopathic medicine, leaving aside the action of homeopathic.

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Precautions or incompatibilities with the most notable homeopathy

The usual prophylactic measures during treatment with homeopathy, discourage the use of certain substances such as peppermint, menthol, camphor, coffee or chamomile.

We could talk about that are incompatible with homeopathy. Not being clear, if these substances interfere with their action, so the question about it discourages consumption during the homeopathic treatment.

NOTE: There is a current that complex homeopathy. Which uses homeopathy as if they were allopathic medicines (traditional doctors, or as an analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory …).

This medicine, although it is intended, has nothing to do with homeopathy Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, the creator (discoverer of homeopathy).

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