Innovations that will transform businesses and SMEs

Innovations that will transform
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Not long ago, the changes set in motion competition and innovation could be seen clearly. What a new competitor concern was if he did cheaper than us by a new technology or it was easier to use right now to keep us at the forefront we must be truly innovative. One of the references of management, Clayton Christensen coined the term “disruptive innovation” to describe how it worked competition: a new operator attacked a leader in the market with the launch of low – end products with low price and then relentlessly these improved. A competition that barely saw it coming, but now you can anticipate these movements.

Technology advances not predictable linear fashion, advancing exponentially. Fields such as computer science, medicine, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotics, nano materials and synthetic biology are doing at the same time advances, and the combination of these allows an industry interrupt quickly another, without even knowing where the blow came.

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Airbnb is the fifth largest hotel chain in the world, and even Hilton’s seen as competition. The economy of sharing also extends to areas such as social and commercial and crowdfunding loans, car sharing, clothing and book exchange, allocation task equals. The technology allows people to better manage their resources. When some of the legal, tax and trust is resolved, almost any industry that has an intermediary – including finance and banking – it will be interrupted.

Connected with our phones as iNike, Endomondo … devices allow measurement of daily activity. If we add more complex and will give them, an electrocardiogram sensors and control blood pressure, blood glucose, blood oxygen, respiration … digital assistants constantly monitor our health and we advise you on what medications to take. Entrepreneurs and companies will find ways to combine all this data to understand the correlation between our habits and consumption and we offer products to satisfy … seems far? it will not take long to appear.

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The communications industry was shaken first by the advent of mobile phones. Fixed phones, phone booths and long distance calls are over. Now, mobile operators face the threat of data, you can make calls via Facetime and Skype and prevent disproportionate charges international calls. Now the threat comes from the most unlikely place: Facebook and Google.

Industries will change and the winners will be those who are best positioned in this age of technology.

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