Intel RealSense, digital cameras with 3D

Intel RealSense
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If we tell you that it is already possible to use digital cameras for augmented reality, through the concept of the three dimensions, also acquiring the depth as part of the image? It is all true, thanks to Intel RealSense it is indeed possible to live a unique experience, never before, immersing itself in a true virtual environment, taking advantage of cutting-edge visual technology and experience.

In addition, how is this futuristic technology? Everything starts from the use of video cameras that use Intel RealSense, more and more popular on the market and available even for mobile devices. The fields of use are of course many, playing video games, using our body rather than controllers or other peripherals, to photography. The images obtained through these devices use the new format extensible Device Metadata (XDM), which receives new parameters such as the depth value of three-dimensional (3D).

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To enjoy all the benefits of this technology, and facilitate the developers, this manufacturer has created the environment SDK RealSense, in other words the software platform that allows you to use and edit images with a variety of functions such as handling of the background, taking advantage the separation of the information of the shots in real time to apply individual filters or specific, modifying parts of the capture as the color. For example, we can maintain the original color of the foreground subject and convert to the background in black and white.

As for the concept of depth of field, used by professional photographers to highlight the most important subjects of the shot, with Intel RealSense will simply take a single photo to make each person the focal point of the image, simply by touching the face.

For lovers of dynamism, images can even come to life and become two-dimensional and mobile with the use of kinetic effects such as parallax and the effect vertigo.

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Even editing photos and video is greatly simplified compared to traditional images, in fact, thanks to the presence of the information layer, based on the depth of the shot, it will be very easy to insert or replace objects within the image, without modification of pixel complex and expensive in terms of time.

The depth of field used in Intel RealSense, remove the concept of passive static photograph, in favor of an environment dynamic and interactive, it can also be used in areas of science and high technology. For example, the 3D rendering in real time is also used by physical devices such as drones and robots to move effectively in complex places like the NASA Rover on Mars.

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