Invest in your image to increase its credibility

image to increase its credibility
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We all know that to have credibility gives us an extra edge in business. Most often cost much too get to get that credibility can come in the form of higher education, several years of excellent performance in the workplace or show leadership.

Some people believe that certain things can give us more credibility as driving a late-model car, belonging to an exclusive club or have a stylish watch. If there is a form of credibility in the minds of people speaks more clearly than any degree or club membership, is the visual credibility. The way you look through her clothing and way of grooming may be the key to creating a perfect impression. This is what your presence does stand out and people see it admiringly.

The manner in which you dress and talk is arranged a thousand words. The moment you stop paying attention to this aspect of your life will be the moment in which he will continue to progress in their careers and stay stagnant.

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If you take the time without paying attention to their professional attire, carefully consider whether their outfits reflect the qualities for which you want to be remembered. Read the following questions and consider whether you identify with any of them.

  • Have you gained weight and is aware that your clothes fit much carved but has not begun to make the necessary changes that make you feel comfortable again?
  • Have you been so busy that I could not go shopping for some new clothes add to your wardrobe to not remain so boring?
  • Have you taken the time to make adjustments in your wardrobe to always look appropriate and according to their age?

If your answer was yes to any of the questions, not losing any more time and do something constructive to regain their visual credibility. The sad reality is that no matter how much we wish we were only judged by who we are inside, we all judged by the image we project.

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Here are some things to consider and improve…

  • How well you size your clothes? If the clothes fit too tight or if it is very large, it could give the impression that you do not pay attention to details and this will make it be perceived as unprofessional.
  • What condition are your shoes? They should look like they were new. Send them to fix if possible or replace them with new ones.
  • Do your nails are in that condition? Your hands are visible at all times and therefore have to look impeccable to go according to the image you want to project.
  • What condition is as good clothes? They will make it look important and professional? If this is not the case, you need to replace the clothes as necessary.
  • Is the necessary time is taken each morning to look good? Those 5 or 15 minutes you need to apply makeup each morning to look presentable and succeed in professional every day.

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