Is your sales communication effective?

Sales communication
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If your potential customers do not buy your products or services it is because your communication skills need to be improved.

No matter how good your product or service, if you cannot pass this value to your potential customers they will come to never try it and enjoy its benefits.

Applying effective communication

Here are five steps that allow you to improve the way you communicate with your potential customers:


You have to connect with the customer and do not have to talk about you, if not your website, your brochures, your presentation, etc have to describe the most common situations where are your customers, using their words to describe these problems.

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The better you know your customers better are you going to try, and will hook your proposal. So be sure to include the views of your market before, during and after the process of creating any product, whether your web, your logo, your brochure, your own product or service.


Unvented done this is the time to share the motivations to offer your solution to market. You cannot forget that a customer does not purchase a product or service, buy the result they bring to their lives. They buy the solution, feeling the effect. Therefore, you have to give them an emotional reason to invest in the relationship with you.


Solutions communicate your product or service means translate into advantages for your client. These should be specific to your problem and measurable, implemented language and terms that your customers use.

Also, forget generic expressions like “represents a significant saving,” instead of, “will last twice that of a conventional battery.”

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Customer must guide to perform the action we pursue. For example, on our website, would be “Buy” or “Recommend” or “Enjoy a 25% discount by clicking here”. In short, the work telling them what to do (in concrete terms) for those who are ready to simplify.

In this life, the simplest solution is the most likely, we prioritize aesthetics often to the detriment of the utility and clarity and in business, as things clearer, had better result.

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