Jealousy ruin even the best relationships

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Between boyfriends is common especially at an early age, being jealous, however, jealousy as well as useless is often responsible for the end of the best relationships. The common denominator which often leads to divorce or separate, it is just jealousy; it does commit stupid things for no reason.

Be jealous of partners

Very common is the jealousy of men towards their women, this not only normal, it is a behavior often rooted in Italian tradition. However, jealousy can become unhealthy and lead to the end of the relationship. In another article I spoke of boyfriends too jealous, but often even those little jealous become a serious problem.

A jealous person does not trust the partner and then just can combine something unintelligent. The belief that the partner is there waiting for the right moment to betray is an indication of severe insecurity.

Women often are more jealous than men

Many women become jealous of their boyfriends for no apparent reason. In fact, it is common that some women suspected of treason for no reason, and then as reactions become insistent and obsessive causing constant bickering. Jealousy when it becomes dominant in a relationship ruins it, no matter how much you like it or you get along, it would ruin it until it breaks.

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Being betrayed by partners

If you could interview all the men on earth, the result would be that their worst concern is that their girlfriend will betray them. It’s normal to have some jealousy, but being obsessed by the thought of a possible betrayal is very illogical. When a man gets to this level, he begins to suspect everything, and quarrels within the relationship are becoming more frequent and often vigorous. It is not strange that there will also let assuming an ever happened betrayal

Healthy jealousy

As mentioned, a bit of jealousy keeps alive the relationship and helps to continually want to conquer your partner or your partner. To maintain this situation, however, it serves a good awareness of the relationship and a dose of self-esteem. Although everything seems easy and obvious, even people who seem very safe in relationships often become weak.

Maintain a proper degree of jealousy can keep alive a relationship for years, because both partners always feel compelled to keep interest high.

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Internet increases the feeling of being betrayed

The website is gorgeous, but it can actually create problems for couples. So many people write me that they caught the girl or the boy chatting on the internet exchange photos etc, and this of course makes them think evil. But regardless it is done in good faith or not, you should always evaluate things for what they are, without assuming another. It goes without saying that social as Facebook do not help at all, since even a single comment can trigger doubts and misgivings.


I think it is normal to be jealous; it is definitely part of our nature and probably as mentioned before, in some cases helps to keep alive a relationship. But however it is good to remember that if your girlfriend needs to control that not to betray you, maybe you have the wrong person, because it is not that you can control it forever. So, it might as well trust and if you are betrayed, well better know, so at least you do not waste time with a person that basically does not take.

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