Kaspersky Cleaner, system cleaner for Windows to CCleaner style

Kaspersky Cleaner
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We all know that as you’re using the computer, it is filled with useless items(temporary files, web browsing data and user activity, remains uninstalls …) that ultimately may end up hurting the performance of the system.

Fortunately, there are tools designed to solve this problem, such as the popular CCleaner. However, it is by no means the only alternative, and just this week we have known a new one: Kaspersky Cleaner, the same developers of antivirus, launched in beta.

At first glance, Kaspersky Cleaner is striking for its design, far removed from the classic interface structure in this type of application. A single button is at the center of the window, with four additional icons for each with a specific function:

  • Cleaning system: Deletes temporary files, logs, caches, and other trash.
  • Restore system settings: Solves incorrect settings or system errors.
  • Private Browsing: Control the privacy settings of Windows 10.
  • Removing traces of activity: Deletes cookies, history and other traces of activity.

Clicking on each of these icons, you have access to the settings of each section and you can choose exactly what you want to remove Kaspersky Cleaner, and what would rather leave it as is. In some cases, the list is really very complete. In addition, if you uncheck some of these elements not included in the cleaning, Kaspersky Cleaner keeps them, so that you will have the same settings the next time you run the program.

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Quick and uncomplicated cleaning

The cleaning process Kaspersky Cleaner is started by clicking the button Start scan, and passes through the four phases contained in the icons that explained earlier. It is shown when finishing a summary screen with the total number of failures or problems encountered, and the number corresponding to each phase or area.

Kaspersky recommends automatic cleaning Cleaner by clicking the button Fix, but not surprisingly, many prefer to know what we will remove before starting the cleaning process itself. To do this, you can click on each of the four icons on the left of the screen, and thus see in detail what problems detected the program.

In fact, if for some reason the points marked not convince you, you can uncheck it and the program does not include cleaning. After reviewing all, you can click the button and Kaspersky Fix Cleaner will eliminate everything. One point that I liked is the ability to undo changes to finish cleaning in case something does not work well. Although in truth, when tasting it, I have the impression that you have not undone any changes made ​​- or at least the numbers did not add up to me.

When finished, Kaspersky Cleaner returns to the main screen and is ready for use again.

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A first version, nothing more

Kaspersky Cleaner is only a first beta version of this cleaning tool, and as such should be used with certain precautions – much to come from a reputable developer.

Indeed, in many respects Kaspersky Cleaner is behind other alternative names such as CCleaner or KCleaner. It is true that offers a wide range of elements to analyze and clean, but beyond that, their functions are still limited.

On the other hand, and although it is understood that the minimalist design of its interface is designed to be as simple as possible, a slightly more informative style would be appreciated, and save a few clicks to know what you’re going to delete exactly your system. If you want to try, you can download it from the web of free products from Kaspersky.

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