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Have you ever considered the message you send to other people working with your choice of cover iPad? Do you think your briefcase worn with a broken zipper gives you a good look? Could it be that the jewelry you wear is distracting your customers? You may get dressed perfectly for work, but your accessories could be sending a very different message.

Here I share some ideas that you can try and avoid when selecting your accessories to always maintain a professional image.

Covers for your laptop, iPad or smartphone

  • Try solid colors and geometric prints discreet.
  • Coverlets avoid having too childish or precious stones appearance.
  • For a more elegant look, try to find a leather cover either plain or with a little texture.
  • If you like animal prints, avoid buying a blanket with this kind of pattern for your electronics, because it will make you look unprofessional.

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Computer or briefcase for important papers

  • Try to buy the best quality that your budget allows you.
  • Avoid buying something very modern made of some material that can easily tear.
  • Try to buy something classic enough that it can last you many years without going out of fashion and make your investment worthwhile.
  • Avoid buying a briefcase in a trendy color that you can get bored quickly.

Pens or pencils

  • Try investing in a stylish pen in silver, pink gold or yellow gold. A shade of green, purple or dark blue in their versions could also be a good choice.
  • Avoid using a pen from which you can buy in bulk or have the hotel logo last visited.


  • Try to wear shoes with heels of a height with which you can walk well.
  • Avoid wearing shoes with many rhinestones.
  • Try to put yourself shoes or solid colored blocks that are refined and elegant colors.
  • Avoid wearing sexy shoes for work; this type of shoe is best only wearing them for a night out or weekends.

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  • Try to find a necklace that is an extension of yourself, in colors that best fit you.
  • Avoid using more than one ring on each hand.
  • Always try to bring the size of jewelry that fits your bone structure.
  • Avoid combining large and small jewelry, uses all big or all small.


  • Try only watches classic designs.
  • Avoid using watches with comic characters on the face or the same clock you use to go to the gym. Get used to change clock as the place where you go and the look you want to give.
  • Try bracelet watches with a solid color or a mixture of metal colors that reflect your personality.

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