Launch an online store in SMEs, better alone or in specialized platform?

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When an SME decides to launch an online store, you have two options. The first is mounted your own store, usually with a web designer who creates the structure, means of payment, cart, etc. The other option is to create the store with a specialized platform, which is usually paid a monthly fee for use. However, how best to lasso an online store in SMEs, alone or with a specialized platform?

It is a prism in which we have different faces. On the one hand, a specialized platform has a shorter development. Simply enter our products, categories and sections prices, choose the design and customize our data to start working. Likewise also has a lower initial cost, as is usually paid a monthly fee for use.

Online trading platform vs. Store

In a store created for us the design is customized, although this is not always good, because sometimes you tend to delay the release date has not defined all parameters. We also need to introduce our product inventory and information relating to them and to achieve capture traffic for profitable investment.

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In both cases, we have to go through a learning curve regarding the management of the store. It is crucial if we have, another trade that integrates with the tools you already have the company. In this sense, we cannot always achieve with specialized platform, especially if we do not use any of the most popular solutions.

We also have to take into account the ease of SEO and online marketing opportunities provided to us. If you do not have much knowledge about it no matter what the platform has good tools because they end up not use them. In this sense is better than someone do the specialized work from the beginning, so the store as would “a prior” advantage.

An important aspect is what happens if we migrate our store. The facility to change from one platform to another, whether we have a shop as if we work as a platform is essential.

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In the shop as the designer, it will handle most of the work, while we will focus on the day – to – day Store and procurement management, sales, shipping, etc. In the e-commerce platform, we have a simple interface and a support that helps us, but the work we do fundamentally us, so if we have better knowledge big bet alternatives.

Selling online is not easy and competition is increasing. Therefore, a clear plan of action, both for launch and for maintenance, at least in its initial phase, if we want to polish the design and improving usability for better conversion is needed. We also need to create landing pages if you create any online marketing campaign, so we will need help.

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