Learn to identify your skin type and care

Skin type and care
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Not all skins are the same, there are 4 types of skin in humans and is essential to identify what is ours to care for their health, and thus no longer visible radiant, plus it will be much easier to deliver the nutrients you need, both in food and cosmetics. Follow this quick guide to discover…

Oily skin

It is characterized by the brightness that can occur during the day or night in the T-zone, covering the forehead, nose and chin, plus they often have a tendency to have rashes pimples or pimples as it has an excess of fat production by the sebaceous glands.

Another factor, which can identify if you have this skin type is for the duration of your makeup, having usually more open pores than any other type of skin makeup more quickly than normal is absorbed.

Care tips: Fat helps the lines and wrinkles of age may take longer to begin to be felt, so it is not suggestible remove all the fat from your face, only one hand to do you suggest using lavender to remove this excess, protect your skin and also cleaned it for its antiseptic properties.

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Combination Skin

It is a combination of oily skin and dry skin, however strange as it seems is the most common in both men and women. The main feature of this type of skin is having excess fat in the T-zone and cheeks have dry, besides the skin tissue tend to be thicker in the T-zone and very thin and cheeks.

Care tips: To care for combination skin gets a little complicated, because you cannot use any treatment because they can increase you fat production if you use one for dry skin, or vice versa increase dryness by using a treatment of oily skin. In this case, you can use one that is regulator.

Dry Skin

The most common in people who spend 35 years of age, and that over time becomes less effective retention of moisture in our skin. Its main features are the marked presence of wrinkles, fine lines and even cracks, and the lack of brightness and acne (this is a big plus), often after bathing or washing your face small flakes may appear on the skin.

Care tips: It is advisable to moisturize the skin at night, when your pores are dilated, using a moisturizer and toner after washing your face, so your skin feel much smoother and you avoid the lines appear before normal.

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Sensitive skin

This type of skin may seem crazy, since they often presents dermatologist, such as rash, redness, dermatitis, dehydration, among other reactions. These causes the skin tissues do not have a strong barrier to protect them completely from the outside, which is why it tends to be highly sensitive to sun exposure and cosmetics or perfumes.

Care tips: When your skin is sensitive, it is essential to have a diet based on vitamins E and C, and prevent exposure to extreme climates, such as cold and heat. Besides, you should only use cosmetics that are hypoallergenic to avoid any reaction.

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