Little tricks to boost your energy!

Boost your energy
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Begins the week and probably all we have risen with batteries recharged weekend. However, how long we can keep that feeling of vitality as the days go?

Today I want to remember a simple but powerful pattern of behavior that will help us maintain or increase the energy level at certain times of day:


They say laughter is the best medicine and can be applied to those days when you feel lazier or those sleepy afternoon. Remember a funny moment or smile to others increases levels of endorphins and make us feel more positive and energetic.

Wear bright colors

Joy is contagious bright colors and wear them, we can find happier, more energetic. Choose a shirt full of color and see if it affects your mood.

Drink water more often

Water is the ultimate energizing substance. When you want to feel an energy boost, drink a glass of water, take a shower or take a bath and feels like refreshes you and leaves you ready / or action. In the moments when you feel stuck, go to the bathroom and dip your face with cold water, it will be an instant boost to your circulation will make you feel more awake and energetic hope!

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Take breaks

When you are sleepy utterly levels of enthusiasm and of course your energy. It’s great to rest a bit after lunch, though, see that your rest not exceeding 20 minutes or on the contrary, could undermine your energy. The most important guideline yet, would commit to bed at a reasonable hour each night. Then you will feel the difference in your energy!

Use music

Listening to music is very energizing. Stimulates our bodies, our brains active and gives us optimism. Do not be shy and get a song that will push them to move for a few minutes (even in the car), increase blood flow and make you feel better! What James Brown “I Feel Good“?

Eat better and make several meals

How often do you eat per day and in what quantity?

What kind of food you are giving your body?

How do you feel after you take them?

You are being more productive or after eating, you go into a fatigue that can only think about sleeping.

To ensure the supply of fiber and vitamins that provide energy to the body need to take enough fruit, vegetables, grains, proteins and fats. If your work is sedentary put more attention to adequate intake of fats (omega 3), which are fundamental to take active cognitive functions (nuts, vegetable oil, oily fish, and spend no more than 3 or 4 hours without eating).

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Brush your teeth

Want to feel refreshed and energized instantly?

The remains of sugar or flour in the mouth and give us an unpleasant feeling of lethargy. While brushing your teeth and flossing happens, a fresh and bright smile also improves your attitude!

Be careful with caffeine

Although it has beneficial properties in suitable doses, abuse of coffee causes mental wear and tends to increase sugar intake during the day. Try red or green drink tea after eating, although they have less caffeine than coffee, they contain substances that increase the nervous brain chemistry, providing more physical energy.

Your body is the vehicle that allows you to achieve all the objectives you crave, therefore, do not forget to always take care and keep energetic!

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