Little tricks to increase productivity

increase productivity
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Many people complain about the waste of time, travel, appointments are delayed, waiting … few things can be done with the past, but if we are ready with these simple tips can increase our personal productivity significantly simply a matter of being prepared.

Be more productive it is actually recover the time normally wasted in the day. Here we collect some personal tips to be more productive:

Automate processes: If you receive the same questions or requests often, you can pre-write and save the answers in advance. We can be configured and canned answers to basic messages by topic and then customize it … the time savings is huge.

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Do not turn off your computer at work: Just put it in sleep mode, in addition to saving energy, can earn about five minutes at the beginning and 5 minutes at the end of the day to start and stop. That’s an extra 50 minutes per week.

Disable email notifications on the phone: It is very annoying phone notifications attend, including some smartphones may restrict and block calls by time slots, take advantage of during our production times to avoid interruptions.

Get information Radio, Twitter and RSS Feeds: Do not rely more on newspapers, information on these channels is more agile and immediate and if we choose good sources can get filtered.

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Cloud storage: Make the most of the cloud, Google Docs, Evernote and Dropbox … that way, if I have to access a file, I get it from any device anywhere. To save time, organize everything in the folder and subfolders, instead of keeping everything on the desktop.

Reduce meetings to a minimum: Condense meetings with a maximum of one hour everything that will exceed that target cluelessness. If it is a meeting that requires updating, send information prior to the meeting for attendees who go over there and just decisions.

Everyone has their own habits. Through time management we can reduce overwork and focus on what really is most rewarding.

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