Long live the flame of love in your relationship

The flame of love
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The flame of love in the family does not go out of overnight. This happens since the day we stop doing things that enrich the relationship and instead began to do other than deteriorate. So we recommend to read to the end of this article and find out why the love flame is extinguished and how to know if you turn off the flame in your relationship.

Some couples feel that their relationship is fireproof, they think that despite doing nothing to keep alive the flame of love with your partner it will continue to burn and grow, until one day wonder what happened to our love?

This is because we see couples that despite having much time together, and loved each other dearly, from time to time to separate. This is because although the flame of their love was very high and bright not looked after and therefore died.

Why is extinguished the flame of love?

The flame of love in couples end when the following happens:

  1. We stopped being special with our partner.
  2. We stopped being considerate and respectful of our partner.
  3. We cease to be interested in court, take care of / to and conquer.
  4. We left to have details because we are sure of our partner.
  5. We stopped by our partner feel loved.
  6. When we have a commitment to correct these faults that impair the relationship, and instead we repeat over and over again.

All this mixed with the routine, responsibilities and challenges of life, makes the flame of love in the couple go off and the relationship deteriorating.

Many couples love magic has vanished, that flame of love has gone but have not been realized in spite of the signs are there …

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How do I know if I turn off the flame of love?

You have to know that there are always warning signs that tell us if something is wrong in our relationship, some are:

  1. When there are no more details or affection in the relationship.
  2. When you rather be with friends with the couple.
  3. When silence reigns in the couple to be together.
  4. When it seems that they do not understand, even if they try to talk always conclude that speak different languages.
  5. When the respect is missing.
  6. When you only communicate to discuss the responsibilities and duties.

These are only some of the signs, but the most important is what our heart tells us. We can sense when something happens in the relationship or when things are not working, and it is very important to be attentive to recognize these signs and to do something to change the course of the relationship before it’s too late.

The relationship happens as when we light a campfire at first to do many things to achieve on. But all does not end there, on the contrary, to keep on the fire must remain vigilant, watching over your partner and giving what you need so you will not be extinguished.

It is a misconception that the relationship falls only once and that will be enough. So that the flame of love is born must love your partner, and that love is kept alive must continue enamor every day.

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It is also important to use this information for you to become aware that you have time to do something. If you realize that the flame of love between you and your partner is fading, do not feel guilty and instead analyzes you can do to rekindle the flame.

To rekindle the flame of love begins to invest more time and creativity in the relationship, retrieving communication, intimacy and the desire to stay together.

With love everything is possible, and if there is love in your relationship is that the flame is still alive, and you just have to make it grow.

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