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Nothing can be easier to wear a dress, add a few accessories and go out looking impeccable. If a dress size you well and are color that enhances your beauty, you can make convenient time to get dressed in the morning. Follow these tips to find the perfect dress and give you some ideas to add the necessary accessories that will accomplish you can create outfits with dresses that will always make you look spectacular.

Choose colors

  • The black dress is spectacular if you see the black is a color that looks good for you. If this is not your case, look for neutral color that best fits you. It could be a dark blue, dark gray, coffee, chocolate, etc.
  • If you like bright colors, try to find one that does not highlight more than you. Strong colors always attract attention and never achieve that passes unnoticed.
  • If you like the idea of ​​putting on a red dress, remember that not all reds are equal and choose a shade that you look good. The color could be a red, coral, strawberry, etc.

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Options fabrics

  • Wool crepe and jersey matte version never shrivel and conform to your body.
  • If you love a dress linen or silk shantung you have to keep in mind that fabrics are rapidly shriveled.
  • For something cozier, a good choice would be chiffon. The movement chiffon will give your dress and create an interesting visual effect.

The perfect shoes

  • If your dress has a pattern very ornate or lace, it is best that your shoes are simple. The color of your skin is a good choice of color when you do not know what color to wear shoes.
  • If the dress is very feminine for your personal style, you can create a more interesting look combined with a knee-high boots.
  • When you put a solid color dress, add a little personality to your outfit with shoes in strong, metal or some printed colors.

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The type of jewelry depends on the neckline

  • A simple dress with a large neckline creates the perfect space for a striking necklace, do not be afraid to wear something a little bigger than you used to it.
  • If the neckline has much detail as flights or rhinestones, avoid wear a collar and just put a few simple earrings.
  • An overlapping dress that creates a neck in “V” will look perfect with a narrow chain and a pendant. Put on a pair of bracelets and ready.

The right portfolio for the type of dress

  • If your dress is not to go to work, use a cheerful and attractive portfolio.
  • If your dress is simple, the type of portfolio should be more elaborate. Consider a portfolio with chains or sequins.
  • Try to find a small portfolio in a neutral color to use with very flashy dresses.

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