Love types in pairs: What’s yours?

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“THE LOVE” How many books and novels have dealt with this? Love is polysemic the term has many definitions and meanings. But its use, abuse, falsification, manipulation and adulteration require a special effort to clarify to avoid being reduced to reach something, rectified and rundown. A love without will is an immature love, shallow frivolous, although for some love is just a feeling that comes and goes as the winds blow, others are ambitious and want to possess the other, invading their spaces, for others, love is a idealization of the loved and the desire to always be with her or him. For all there is a particular way of loving.

In my professional experience, I have had the opportunity to meet many couples, conflicts, manage their feelings and emotions, as well as a variety of love is also perceived in the relationship that everyone enjoys and suffers in his own way, of there we found:

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  • The playful love: Hunting game and joy, just enjoy playing the one love, does not take seriously the couple.
  • Romantic love: Love at first sight, physical attraction is intense, but short; There is an idealization of the loved one and a persistent desire to be with him or her.
  • The jealous love: Where the couple or one of the two feels fear, ghost sees any hole and lives obsessing the mind and injuring love him to death.
  • The desiccated love: Where no feelings, dreams and joys are expressed, not only nourishes and comes in a planned way “today is Friday we have to make love”; to relieve the physiological need for sex; love in decline.
  • The love of movement: Everyone lives and enjoy their interests, do not stop, live parties, social engagements, no fun together, nor know inside.
  • Forbidden love are born at the wrong time or the wrong person, these loves are condemned and censured by the society, removes the bride’s friend and vice versa, the groom to the sister, premium or vice versa; falls in love with a man or a married woman.
  •  The obsessive love: It is demanding, it takes possession of another invading their space, this love often leads to ecstasy, but also angry jealousy, despair, to the obsessions of helplessness and tragic endings.
  • Platonic love: Is spiritual, pure, without there being any interest, one is love, which often does not know the other.
  • Erotic love: It is based on sexual attraction begins as quickly ending, it’s sensual, voluptuous and even obscene, and time is passion.
  • Love details: Full of segments that make the big bouquet of happiness, is more characteristic of women, throughout the relationship, in man occurs only at the stage of initial infatuation.
  • Love is mad: Mad, hurt, hurt, laugh away, calm and can lead to madness and death.
  • Love that smothers: Suffocate while presage, chain, takes over so much that you lose and you take away all your spaces.
  • Heartbreak: Lack of interest and joy to see the couple, lack of sexual desire, who suffers affecting the other, usually the heartbreak is one, the other or other loves and desires.
  • Love usual: Full of monotony, routine, serenity, listlessness and patience.
  • Old-age love: Sweet love, tenderness accumulated, full of understanding, commitment, fraternity.
  • Love grown: Walk and leave footprints, vibrate with love and passion, decorate and make it shine dreams and fantasies, “where there was fire ashes remain.”

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Love is something that is built every day, it is a permanent conquest, restart every morning, avoid “get used” to live without falling into the routine.

True love knows invent, knows renew creativity and imagination.

To maintain a stable relationship and prevent conflict should talk to time, admit mistakes, apologize know, know give, reach agreements, treat yourself caresses and affection at all times.

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