Making a visit to the largest creatures on the planet Earth

Visit to the largest creatures
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What is the world’s largest creature? If you are thinking of extinct animals such as dinosaurs, you’re wrong. Blue Balleza is bigger than any dinosaur that ever lived in history. But it is not the largest creature that has ever existed. This award should take him redwood, as some of its units may be considered the greatest living beings in the world (at least in terms of volume).

And the best place to see the biggest redwoods is the Sequoia National Park in the United States.

In the Sequoia National Park in the southern Sierra Nevada, California hand, the highest sequoias in the world are in general terms. Redwoods closely resemble the trees where the Ewoks established their houses, of Star Wars. Their ages are around one and two thousand years, so that some of those redwoods is probably already lived before the birth of Jesus Christ.

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The most famous redwood park is known as General Sherman, who is also considered the world’s largest tree. It has 84 meters high and 11 meters in diameter. Its age is estimated at 2300-2700 years. The weight of the trunk is 1,385 tons. There are examples of redwood, as General Grant or Hazelwood, exceeding the General Sherman in some measures, but not in weight.

The national park was created in 1890 and was the third to be created after Yellowstone National Park and the now defunct National Park Mackinac. Other points of interest include Kern River Canyon and Crystal Cave, a cavern marble. Within the park is Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the United States outside the territory of Alaska. Undoubtedly, an amazing for those who enjoy nature, regardless of the redwoods place.

Not so great, but other more high

If what impresses us is the height of these creatures, rather than volume, we visit the Redwood National Park near Eureka. There stands the Stratosphere Giant, 114 meters. However, access to these sites is not easy, and the Redwoods are almost mythical creatures that are hard to find among the deep vegetation of the area.

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For example, a team of scientists says it has located a redwood two higher than this (Hyperion), but still no confirmed data meters: to be would be 21 higher than the Statue of Liberty meters. If you are interested to visit this new Green Giant you have earned a disappointment, as the authorities have also refused to disclose the exact location of the tree, for fear of an invasion of tourists.

It is ironic, then, that the largest creatures on the planet and elderly cannot be seen directly by the people, as if you were mythological beings.

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