Microsoft helps developers with a new portable guide from Android and iOS

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One complaint or rather, one of the reasons that many attribute the limited success of Windows Phones, along with the limited choice of handsets, the few applications that are available for the platform, especially if we look at the neighbors iOS and Android.

The aim of Redmond is to attract application developers for this other two platform so that find it simple and, therefore, interesting and profitable offer their applications also for users of Windows Phone, which has so far proven difficult, although from Microsoft continue its efforts with new strategies.

In this regard and in order to attract these developers, they gave an interesting step was the creation of a simple tool for porting applications from iOS, called Islandwood Project, which allows the transfer of applications with only some changes in the code.

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And now also to attract more developers, the company has published a new guide to help developers of Android and iOS to port their applications to the Universal Platform Windows (UWP).

This is a series of articles in which step by step will teach the developer from the first steps to start the portability to other more advanced to get more out of their applications.

The statement from Microsoft is as follows:

“We are pleased to introduce a new concept of map application development for developers of apps that allows for parallel lines of development for iOS, Android, and Windows. Developers of new applications in Windows 10, you are already familiar with Android or iOS, will be able to use this guide to quickly orient themselves when creating applications for Windows Universal Platform (UWP)”.

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And we are not just talking about Windows Phone, because with the arrival of Windows 10, the company introduced UWP, which will allow developers to create applications for a device Windows 10 and that this can be used in all types of devices regardless of size, cone only change and add some code, which would expand the possible use of the same application in Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, HoloLens, Surface Hub and even in a future Xbox one.

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