Motivation to quit: Tips that will help us!

Quit Smoking
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Almost all smokers we have raised the need to stop this bad habit. Find reasons to quit it will not be difficult.

Tips that will help us to quit:

Get rid of the bondage of snuff

Now is the time of my independence and as many have walked this path and have the satisfaction that the freedom to decide the hard way, but not so much, to be out of slavery to smoking, which like other drugs, do we dependent.

The snuff is a spoiled drugs and perhaps for that reason more harmful than others; although things begin to change. Procures all dependence dissatisfaction; overcome freedom.

It is not pleasant for anyone, leave at midnight for example, because we’ve run out of snuff and not, find wrong. Losing the warmth, which at that time, and to be provided in pajamas and slippers, the snuff is not positive, but if it is positive the fact that slavery avoid us.

Care and pay more attention to my body

The truth is that I realized that I every day it costs more climbing stairs or climbing a hill, hurrying and a host of other things.

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I feel my battered body and discuss this with smoking, I say to them happens the same, but if I mention to never smokers, they do not happens, even with people older than me …

On the other hand, the smoker’s hands, nails, skin and smell are very clear in our informers deterioration because if you look carefully, nails take a nothing nice color, the skin dries and always considerably above the scent you choose, Excel the smell of snuff.

What I have decided, I’ll take care of my body and the first prize, which will give me the fact quit, because also the last flu has left a smoker’s cough, unsightly, annoying, signaling to take this into serious.

Needless we labor long to find motivation to quit. When we get to enjoy a lot more than a ton of things.

I dedicate that money to give me real satisfaction

By accounts, the amount of money I spend a month and a year in snuff, has scared me. If I keep this money in a separate account, I can toner me a vacation, a good spa will be very useful for my welfare and my health. That real and durable against stress, fatigue and pains satisfaction make me a big favor very useful for my quality of life, present and future.

Stop smelling like an ashtray

Moreover, in winter when it is cold we put the heating and heat in summer with air conditioning put the result is that ventilate poorly. Also depending on where we live pollution invades us, but on top it off, the ashtrays are almost always full of butts they give, apart from unsightly, a smell that pervades rooms, closets, clothes, and no perfume, or cologne or freshener, you remove or disguises so I think that our home will also benefit from quitting.

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Total, that after these reflections, I invite everyone to quit smoking, so positive here above, since after this balance, removes snuff opportunities, sick, enslaves and eradicates the possibility of doing other things interesting.

Our children, especially children, will thank us, because if evil is for adult, nothing must be added for children. Our plants will also benefit pets and even the walls of our house will take longer to get dirty (spend less on painting) Need more positive motivation to quit smoking?

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