My hair is oily and dandruff: What can I do?

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Dandruff is the excessive flaking of the scalp that occurs for different reasons, in the case of oily dandruff can often be caused by seborrhea own, or excess fat.

The excess production of sebum in the scalp, usually more common in men than in women, however, can affect both problem and proves bothersome, because oily hair should wash usually more often; of otherwise it tends to look dirty.

Dandruff fat, why does it happen?

We know that dandruff occurs when infected by fungus, and this often occurs in people with oily hair, because excess fat is stored in the scalp making it more susceptible to infection by the fungus, which causes skin irritation, itching and therefore that result in the appearance of dandruff.

When there is greasy dandruff, no flaking of the scalp, as well as itching and irritation, the treatment is not only in attack but also in possible infection control excess sebum production.

There are several causes of excessive sebum production, among which we can name the hormonal alterations and excess testosterone, the stress and nervousness, as well as autoimmune diseases.

Natural remedies for oily dandruff

If you have oily hair, you will probably have to wash frequently to prevent a greasy dandruff develops, use a suitable shampoo to control excess sebum.

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Some natural options may help fight fat dandruff…


One of the most effective in controlling oily dandruff remedies is nettle, as well as fighting infection, it is ideal to combat seborrhea.

Today, you can find shampoos with extracts of this plant as ingredients, but we can also use an infusion of nettle and peppermint, which will apply at the end of washing our hair without rinsing the infusion, just dry them and leave for the rest of the day.


This famous plant for use in the preparation of beer can also bring benefits to our hair, and that is, anti seborrheic has properties that help eliminate excess fat, keeping our clean and healthy hair.

It is also possible to find shampoos containing the principles of hops to remove dandruff, however, can prepare a maceration based hops and vodka to ensure the conservation of their properties, let macerate 1 cup of hops in two cups of vodka in a glass bottle closed to keep stirring occasionally for 15 days and then will spread this preparation to the scalp using a clean cotton daily until the dandruff is gone.

Sulfur Soap

If hair is very oily or dandruff it is chronic, you may want to consider changing our shampoo soap, and is one of the most popular and simplest remedies is undoubtedly sulfur soap.

We recommend washing your hair with soap sulfur, forming foam that we will distribute well, massaging with the tip of your fingers before rinsing. It is noteworthy that some people find this unpleasant aroma of soap, although it is very effective and also strengthens the hair, preventing its fall.


Another useful plant for dandruff is thyme, which is often found in dandruff shampoos, together with ingredients such as fennel or hops. This natural ingredient also soothes irritation reducing dandruff.

A popular remedy is to prepare an infusion of thyme two tablespoons dried thyme in a cup of boiling water, let stand until warm up or cool down and then use it to rinse your hair after the usual washing it, that is a way a final rinse, do not clarify, on the contrary we dry and we act. You can use an infusion daily for one week and then 3 times a week until the dandruff is gone.

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Essential oil of tea tree

It is a plant with potent antifungal properties, i.e. ideal to fight fungal infections, so it is not surprising that it is a remedy used to combat both dry dandruff as fat also helps control excess tallow.

You can add the essential oil of tea tree to our shampoo preference, or mix it with vegetable oil to apply on our scalp, but bear in mind, that we should never use the oil directly as it could significantly irritate the skin. It is advised not to apply more than 10 drops of essential tea tree oil per tablespoon of vegetable oil, which can be almond or olive oil.

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