Myths and errors of international electronic commerce

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The main mistakes I perceive from the point of view of international business through channels online are:

Think that the Internet eliminates most barriers and risks of foreign trade in goods and services. While the network is an enabling business tool internationally, we must not forget that every sovereign state has its own rules pyramid must be respected when we hired internationally.

Believing a multilingual platform for eCommerce is enough to have a store online internationally. I would distinguish between international and “internationalizable”. Multilingual platforms do not guarantee business. The reality is quite different, the trend of customization requires in many cases stores have adapted to the tastes of the buyer, that is, that the same mark may have different branches as target markets.

To think that we all have a shop online with your own domain and that it can sell to everyone, when the current trend is the concentration of supply in marketplaces, electronic markets such Amazon, Alibaba, SoloStocks, etc. and in key markets such as China, local partnerships are crucial and even mandatory.

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Assume that e-commerce is only for selling products and strategies B2C, business to consumer. Not true, the market now is much greater global B2B sales online consumers and sales channels online not only used to sell, but also to buy, auction, etc. And it goes without saying that selling online service is the order of the day; consider the Freelancer platform, the largest marketplace for procurement of freelancers.

Do not choose the right technology. Every store, every project, every business requires sized and scalable technology. It is not the same thing as virtual rental shop which Shopify offers a shop as scheduled, or that an open source CMS system such as those built with the plugin free WooCommerce WordPress.

WooCommerce think, Prestashop and Magento are free. It is a serious mistake not to consider construction hours required to assemble a tent with these CMS systems, but are open, present a considerable effort in non-economic resources. And even some of its plugins and more effective supplements and recommended for ecommerce International are extra.

Think of mobility in mobile sales channels in mCommerce and the apps to retain and improve the user experience. Really we are aware of the world come from?

Believe that the store is kept and managed one, to be filled with buyers and will sell magic. The methodology inbound integrates a coordinated use of marketing tools as online business to attract and capture to convert, loyalty and love.

Not having a CRM that integrates leads from stores online, call centers, etc. It is also very common not synchronized.

In sales strategies with several stores online, both own and third-party platforms, comprehensive management, and overall synchronization with ERP companies not achieved by magic.

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Create shops with the offer that appeals to the brand and not the like’s potential customer. Generally unknown markets and potential customers.

No monitor the competition and the market. The stores are created and not updated, offering a bit line image with reality.

Not understand the scope of a focus 360 degrees of internationalization as a strategy that goes far beyond the mere outward sale because it includes concepts such as internationalization nearby would offer, for example, products and services to foreigners, the third destination the world in terms of international visitors. In one approach online 360 degree not only have to think of “export”, but also a mix of marketing to detect opportunities in a global channel such as the Internet.

Not have sales targets channels onlineno measure and analyze data not to review strategies and planning. Today artificial intelligence helps us; it is not time to go to go.

And finally, my favorite: think you can close your shop on vacation, like splitting up Internet was easy.

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