New York in January, a month full of events did not expect

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New York in January can seem cold and lonely, but nothing is further from reality. This month, in addition to being cheaper, has very fun events.

Who said New York in January is not fun? The city that never sleeps is named for something and in January, not sleeping. Although it gets colder, it is one of the best months for great prices to fly to the city, staying in a good hotel or fun activities like going to Broadway, dinner in a good restaurant or ice skating. Besides this, there are specific events that only occur in January and therefore only those of you from visiting New York in January, will be able to enjoy them. Here we go!

Restaurant Week in New York (January 18-February 5)

Can you imagine being able to dinner at a nice restaurant, possibly with a Michelin star, a bargain price? As this is the proposal of the Restaurant Week in New York (NYC Restaurant Week), bringing good cuisine that the city has all pockets. Restaurants are scattered throughout the city and assure you from experience that many of them are gorgeous and probably unattainable for many other time of year. It is highly recommended that Restaurant book where you want to go as New Yorkers themselves are the first to attend this event.

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Parade in the Martin Luther King Day (January 18)

On the day of Martin Luther King is a national holiday that recalls the struggle for civil rights and leadership and impact that marked his activism for the country. In addition to numerous events that take place during the weekend as concerts, exhibitions in museums, readings or special Masses Gospel, on Monday there’s a parade going down Fifth Avenue from 61 Street to 86.

Holiday Train Show (until 18 January)

The New York Botanical Garden in The Bronx never ceases to amaze. During the month of January celebrates the Holiday Train Show, one of the largest exhibitions of trains and New York stage. Trains run through a giant stage time where you can see iconic and historic buildings in New York as the Empire State Building, the Library Public New York, Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, as well as buildings and historic mansions. Besides enjoying children and adults, the space offers games, activities and music for children.

  • Address: The New York Botanical Garden (2900 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY)

Three Kings (January 6)

Do you think that New York would not be possible to celebrate the Epiphany and attend a parade with candy? Well, you were wrong, many of us that we maintain this tradition and we like to celebrate it. Therefore in East Harlem, the Epiphany is celebrated as if we were almost in our country. The parade with everything needed for a day like this goes from 106th Street and Lexington Ave to 115th Street and Park Avenue. After the parade, you can have free access to Museo del Barrio to see the galleries, enjoy the music and share the day with family.

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The No Pants Day (January 10)

Surely you’ve ever seen pictures of people on the subway in their underwear. No, they are not crazy! Or yes, but good is not the issue. No Pants Day (The No Pants Day), celebrated in more and more cities in the world, is that during this day after some time, anyone who wants to add between the subway without pants shamelessly showing underwear. The initiatives began in 2002 with 7 people and now are nearly 5,000 people in New York alone; and all this despite the cold these days in the city.

Boats NYC Show (6-10 January)

If you’re a lover of yachts and boats, NYC Boats Show is an event not to be missed. In this fair held at the Javits Center you can see the latest industry developments, new technologies and even buy, boats newest and others on offer.

  • Address: Javits Center (655 W 34th St, New York)

Winter Jazzfest (13-17 January)

For those who love jazz, winter brings one of those events you should not miss. The Winter Jazzfest concerts celebrating some of the best jazz bands 13, 14 and 17. But that is not the best, 15 and 16 can attend a real jazz marathon that lasts all day and held simultaneously over 15 auditoriums; can make the time you like.

Professional Bull Riders (15-17 January)

Many will be able to think that the rodeo is an intrinsic part of the culture of the United States and that there is nothing special for a New Yorker. Nothing could be further from reality, for my wife who is from Pennsylvania this show is so interesting and different as you can be for any other country. The Madison Square Garden hosts for three days at the best assemblers to delight with a unique exhibition at style of Texas.

  • Address: Madison Square Garden (4 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York)

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Broadway Week (January 19-February 5)

Another of the attractions of travel to New York in January is the chance to get tickets to Broadway musicals at cheaper prices. But coming Hold on curves, during the week of January 19 to February 5, the prices are laughable if possible as tickets are reduced to 50% (2×1 can get all actions). You’ll have to be quick as tickets are usually exhausted on the same day go on sale (January 7).

The Bronx Film Festival (22-31 January)

The Bronx and demystify those stories that many travelers make them avoid visiting. During the last week of January is celebrated The Bronx Film Festival, where for $ 30 (full pass every day) or $ 7 (per day), you will see numerous films of all genres and all eras.

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