Nine applications you need to know to become an expert in keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts
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I always thought that there are two types of users: those who use keyboard shortcuts and those without. And as a member of the first group, I cannot understand why people do not use them more, because they are clearly a way to make a lot of tasks much more quickly and effectively.

I understand that it is a matter of getting use to (whom it has developed always with the mouse smoothly will cost change of habits), or simply too lazy to learn a foreign key combinations to make something that can be done with a click the corresponding button. But the truth is that once you start using them and get used to them, not only will you get faster as you do things, but also the combinations are repeated among many programs – making them easier to learn than It seems at first.

Not everyone needs to become an expert user of keyboard shortcuts. But if your career develops basically in front of a computer (whether you’re a designer, programmer, editor, social media manager or whatever comes), learning you keyboard shortcuts of the applications you use most often you’ll save time – and about few trips from keyboard to mouse, and vice versa.

As many of you know some common keyboard shortcuts but as it is impossible to cover all programs and their corresponding shortcuts, it will be more practical to provide a list of online resources and applications that you can use to learn (and learn) shortcuts more practical keyboard to your work. Here you can find them…


The first place you can use keyboard shortcuts to learn is, of course, Wikipedia. In his article on them you have a table with the most common keyboard shortcuts in Windows, Mac and Linux, among others. In the table you’ll find the shortcuts needed for basic operations of the operating system (such as copy and paste) to move around the file browser, make screenshots, edit text, move around the web and browser.


What could be better than a general encyclopedia like Wikipedia? Exactly an encyclopedia dedicated to the keyboard shortcuts. In ShortcutWorld you find them all sorted by platform (Windows, Mac, Linux and web applications), and provided mostly by community volunteers in charge of feeding the database. Premium volunteers are also entitled to part of the advertising revenue generated by their pages.

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But ShortcutWorld is not the only wiki keyboard shortcuts you can find. You also have Keyxl, offering the same service, but do not work as a community of volunteer editors. In Keyxl you’ll see a search box at the top to locate any application that you want to see the keyboard shortcuts, and menu with the most popular programs: programs of Microsoft, Adobe, web browsers, photo editing software…

Dan Rodney Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

When I switched from Windows to Mac a few years ago, one of my major headaches were the keyboard shortcuts. Learn variants of Windows and Mac OS shortcuts own was a challenge, and in such situations is when a collection as the Dan Rodney has done on its website can be of great help. With a very clean design and easy to read, and a handy menu of categories on the right, it is the ideal site for Mac users query.


They say the best way to learn something is playing, and that’s just what you can do with ShortcutFoo, a website that gamification learning the keyboard shortcuts for a lot of applications, and also for the commands and syntax of different languages programming. Though the web can be tested without creating user account, you need to save your progress. Each collection of keyboard shortcuts is divided into several lessons, and in each there are practices and a final exam.


In addition to online encyclopedias and reference guides, you can also find programs that help to know what keyboard shortcuts can be used at all times. For Mac, for example, you have CheatSheet: A free application that lists all the keyboard shortcuts available for the software you’re currently using in a popup window. To display it, just press the button for a few seconds cmd.

Hotkey Eve

If you want something a little more aggressive, Hotkey Eve goes a bit further: it is a small free application for Mac that every time you run an action with the mouse displays a notification where you remember how you could do this with a keyboard shortcut.Quite invasive, yes, but certainly effective, but only for the effect recurrence.

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Looking for something similar for Windows? You have it in KeyRocket, an application that besides help to know the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts, you remember them as you go making operations with the mouse. KeyRocket is focused on the environment Microosft Windows and Office, but has an interesting feature, and that lets you create your own shortcut keys for the actions you perform most often. This application is payment, but has a trial version.

KeyRocket for Gmail

Besides its application for Windows, KeyRocket also features for Gmail KeyRocket a Chrome extension specially designed to easily learn all the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail. Works similarly to the Windows application, but of course, only if you have Gmail interface in English.

Finally, remember that many programs show, next to each command for each menu, the keyboard shortcut for that action. So you just have to look out for them to learn it.

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