Nine routes for bike touring Switzerland

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Every day there are more active travelers who move with your bike in tow, as a means of transport for the trip, for example. And we see them on roads across Europe pedaling and carrying your entire luggage in panniers.

And also, every day they add more travelers to use the bike destination as a way to cross it, or making short trips to visit a particular area.

In this case, we return to Switzerland to share with all those travelers who like to travel around the world riding, 9 tours bicycle to tour Switzerland.

This country is well prepared for cyclists. Despite what its geography imposes on us, there are certain routes facilities and perfectly equipped for cyclists.

The Tourist Office of Switzerland recommends us these 9 tours to tour their country pedaling force:

Rhone Route

This route has 8 stages between Andermatt and Geneva. This route runs through the mountainous landscapes of Valais following the Rhone River, ending bordering Lake Geneva, the Lavaux vineyards and ends in the beautiful city of Geneva.

Length: 350 km (26 of them unsurfaced)

Rhine Route

This route follows the course of the Alpine river from sources in the mountains to its mouth in Basel. Draw a long arc in the east and passes through stunning scenery as Ruinaulta Gorge.

It is done in 9 stages between Andermatt and Basel.

Length: 430 km (68 lanes)

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Switzerland from North to South

This route runs through the landscapes of Jura, Swiss Plateau, Central Switzerland and the Alps. Follow the path of many historical routes that have gone through this stage at different times in history.

Basel to Chiasso in 8 stages.

Length: 365 km (30 lane)

Panoramic Route Alpine

A tour of the north of the Alps, through many steps, gorges and valleys full of tradition and local color.

St. Margrethen to Aigle 485 kilometers (10 unmade).

Route of the Swiss plateau

A simple route Romanshorn to Lausanne through the central plateau, using traffic-free paths, along lakes and rivers and across plains and valleys covered in small villages and crops.

Length: 370 km (85 lanes) in 7 stages.

Route Graubünden

It is one of the most amazing scenic routes of Switzerland. Crosses the alpine heart between Chur (you can also leave Martina) and even Bellinzona, crossing over San Bernardino. It is a challenging route for experienced cyclists.

Length: 152 kilometers (55 unmade) in 7 steps.

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Jura Route

One of the most beautiful scenic routes crosses mountains and valleys, along rivers and bordering forests. It extends along almost the northern Swiss border, between Basel and Nyon on Lake Geneva.

Length: 280 kilometers (14 unsurfaced, 6 stages).

Aare Route

Following the course of the longest river in Switzerland, this route winds its way from a small glacial lake in the Grimsel Pass to the junction with the Rhine River, after crossing the Gorge Aareschlucht, it enters in the central plateau.

It goes from Oberwald to Koblenz via Bern.

Length: 305 kilometers (64 unsurfaced, 7 stages)

Lakes route

If you’re looking stroll through the classic Swiss Post, this is the route. From Lake Geneva to the Bodensee, passing 10 small and large lakes this itinerary gives you stunning scenery of the Alps and the slopes bordering the water.

Montreux to Rorschach (10 stages)

Extension: 505 kilometers (64 unmade)

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