No longer enough to have a website, you have to have the best website

Have the best website
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We’re at a time where all companies have a website and not enough to offer a catalog of our products or services, but we have to give the customer something that is useful. It is not enough to have a website; you have to have the best website, at least better than the competition.

The trouble is that this has a cost that many companies are not willing to pay. And here I speak not only of money but of involvement in the management of the page. The number of hours needed to have a good web multiplies, although this is something that many companies do not see and do not value. They seek balance pages, without caring far beyond the web work.

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On the other hand, for the page it implies that customer interest from the company have to offer content that appeal. Not enough to the catalog, the consumer today is already very knowledgeable, so this issue is the minimum. It is necessary that as experts in the field we recommend to our customers from the web, offer tricks that are useful, etc.

And this is a series of working hours that many do not want to take, just looking to outsource to a company that is responsible for all, without thinking that the web designer knows his field, but does not have to be an expert in the field the company for which you are working.

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At the end you will blame everything a designer or contracted company, which has probably spent much more time than had been budgeted, has made more changes than it should and just bowing to customer requests only to collect all your work. The result usually, except for some exceptions pages with a good job at the technical level, but empty of content, where customers do not spend more than a couple of minutes.

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