Now, you can be brave in your relationships!

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How many times have you had wanted to make a new share in your relationships and your mind invents all sorts of reasons or excuses to kill his initiative, his prodigality?

Who has never sought to prove their courage in front of others, but once alone, fear has prevented him from any action?

Do not worry if you are afraid, if you doubt if it refuses or speaks without action, all that is natural and almost everyone is despite the deceptive appearances to prove otherwise.

But if you stay in that state of mind of doubt, you never will feel the joy and pride of doing something you love and as a result, will increasingly detest.

Fortunately, in this article, you will become aware of the reality and truth in order to choose the new action that interests you do.

The joy of doing something new

Can you imagine in your mind, how satisfied you are uncomfortable performing an action successfully? How to overcome that doubt that fears with courage in any relationship?

Look at your past life and its largest such were having chosen to make a new share and then have felt personally, your pride been acquired.

But as it is easy to redo the same experience hundreds of times, even thousands of times and as is uncomfortable making a new action for the first time, no matter what it is.

Security, i.e. the habit, is not really the value

It would be wise, very wise, the difference between safety and value, as many people are mistaken to pretend. Safety is a habit done many times while the value is a new action once for all.

You see a person speak in front of an audience of 1000 people and you say that as brave and you lack self-confidence to do the same.

However that person probably has over a hundred appearances to speak in front of an audience, then that is not value but some security, some simply habit.

Do you have a habit to brush your teeth? Do you make sure that action? Are you brave action when you brush your teeth? Surely not, because that is a reaction, something that you have repeated many times.

Bliss is in what is new in the surprises, gifts but the monotony and boredom is into old habits.

What do you prefer for Christmas? Having a surprise gift or have the same gift for tens of years?

Make a new action brings a big surprise in your reality, but also something great in their feelings. However, you can not know that before, you may not know the feeling that you live, and that’s a surprise. If you knew then it is that really, that’s not something new.

To live that, you must first consciously choose what you would like to experience, according to you, according to your freedom.

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Observe the reality and truth

The first thing you should understand the purpose of life is that no situation is “good” or “bad”. It is simply. So stop judging or qualifying things, ideas and feelings.

A situation has two aspects: the reality in the outside world under the fitness and truth in the inner world in the form of their feelings. Thus the reality is a consequence, an effect produced by a process of creating conscious or unconscious, ie the cause. You are the cause for their feelings and emotions, by their states of being and states do.

The second thing to understand is that all situations are temporary. Nothing stays the same, nothing stays like that, and everything changes. How you change one thing, how it changes reality like our feelings? That depends on each of us.

The value or the new shares are allowing transform the consequences that you do not like or that you want to change.

In this way, the soul (where resides the sum of all our feelings) takes the value exists only in the space of what the value is.

As a result, she does not condemn what is not value, but blesses and accepts, seeing a part of herself that must exist in order that another part of herself is revealed.

Accept and love their doubts, their fears and their negations

Doubt, fear, self – denial are part of the soul that open the way to come into existence what the question is not, what fear is and what self – denial is not. For what reason? Just to have a conscious choice.

However, if you judge, that is, if you do not accept “what is”, then you cannot choose, because your mind is conditioned by the absence of choice that others have imposed through obedience, fear and guilt.

In this way, the role of his soul, properly understood, is the greatness choose to do so, which is great as you, choose the best of what you are, without judgment or condemn what you do not choose.

Stop lying to look good, to protect their image or ego!

Can you see that is not you who killed his initiative, but your mind? That mind full of words that does nothing to justify, deny or invent all sorts of reasons to avoid accepting the situation as it is.

If you are afraid, then you have fear. It is useless to lie about it, in fact, is panicle invent a story to not admit it, not to accept it.

Are your thoughts those contributing to remain in that state of terror: “It is not good for my fear,” “that horror be so,” “I’m a wimp,” “I’m a coward”, “good people are brave, and they act with initiative and lash out with determination”, etc.

Those are your words to yourself that advertise how long it will remain fearful. “I am afraid”, “I have no value,” making excuses, I have not enough will, I’m shy, I do not want to bother people, etc.

Are their actions near their reality that creates long term? You do not do more than complain, does nothing but keep waiting, leaving action until later, accusing others, not trying to do something, leaving everything to chance, lowering his arms, justifying, criticizing others of its no achievements.

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How to be brave in your relationships?

Here are some examples in order to be aware of some solutions and thus freely choose to experience a new action value or redo habit, the same experiences in safety and comfort:

You can deny your fear with reason:

  • You need to know the time, because you do not have a watch, but you are looking for custom, a place where there is a public clock.
  • You expect a friend or luck introduce you to a man who cares.
  • You avoid mourn in front of others seeking to control, measure or repress their emotion pain of losing something or someone.

You can accept your fear through imagination and self-suggestion:

  • You agree that you have a certain fear of the unknown and often imagine going to ask strangers for an hour.
  • You agree without trial, that you are afraid of being rejected by a man and you begin to imagine a way of being and doing in order to know what their interests towards a type of woman, different from you.
  • You accept your feeling of sadness expressed through the emotion of pain and you imagine seeing mourn and thus free from his sadness without effort to hide it.

You can choose consciously act with courage:

  • You can take off your watch and go consciously ask the time someone unknown.
  • You go directly to talk to a man who is interested in asking about what kind of woman you are interested in men in general in a similar situation. This way, you avoid the uncomfortable personal aspect that creates fear and you release the relationship difficult aspect without emotion.
  • When a loss occurs, you express your grief with someone who does not judge him and accept him as he is.

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