Online reputation is an important asset for all businesses

Online reputation
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Without few good, some companies are still skeptical about the power of the Internet and how they can influence the brand and what the consequences for the result are. Those who believe it cannot happen anything wrong; you should read this article to finish watching reality.

A recent report by Weber Shandwick talking about reputation, found that any lack of connection between business and brand reputation provokes a strong reaction in consumers, regardless of whether the product or service is excellent.

When consumers learn that, a product they like it belongs to a company that has a negative relationship with users; 96% perform some action: What kind of actions? Let’s start with the breakdown…

“40% of that total, stops automatically buy the product, 36% do a search to see what other products the company holds or competition, 18% speak or advises others not to buy that product and 17% starting to make negative comments about the product or the company.

It is also true that despite all this, a significant percentage (20%) continues to buy a product, but are not we losing too many customers, faithful to the moment, not only worry about our online reputation?”

Whether our reach is global or local, as consumers are using the web to find information in all areas, and business mission is precisely to ensure that the find, but also its context and the reactions or comments generate an impact or positive perception of our services, products or brand on the consumer or potential customer.

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How do we do it? These requires build and strengthens our presence on the Internet and gradually go working on aspects linked or directly affecting our online reputation.

Create a website: Have not you seen companies on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, but do not yet have website? Social networks are not the only important what we should focus on. Our presence on the network must have its own website, through which expand or provide detailed information about our team, our offers, resources and other relevant data in a single virtual space for us, and allows us to found through searches on Google.

Its design, spelling, details: These and many other aspects should be keeping to the maximum in the development of our own website. Its deficiency may end up directly affecting the image of our company or brand and thus the reputation on the Internet.

Blogs can be useful tools to start creating authority increase the visibility and position in a niche or sector. At this point, it is important that the simple fact of having a publication of this kind will not bring us benefits, but work on information and relevant content that may be relevant and attractive to visitors.

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Engaging in social media: Search our audiences between social media and start participating can be an important starting point. Listen, observe and participate in a transparent and active in every conversation where it can be accommodate or be involved your business or brand. Their contributions, solutions and support can also serve to increase the positive perception towards the company.

Order and manage online reviews: It is important and very important. We must check on all websites related to our industry to see what related information there about our business, and that users say about their experiences with our products or services.

Regardless of company size, it is essential to strengthen the online reputation because it makes people trust the brand and want to continue working more at a time where competition is very strong and users have several avenues of escape open.

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