Organic Silicon: A very important trace element for Health

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Organic silicon is essential for human health. The active silicon and significantly contributes to mineralization serum and organs weakened, regenerating cells, and preventive or curative function is very effective in preventing many diseases.

The second most abundant element in the earth’s crust is silicon, oxygen and behind, the most important in the mineral kingdom. In combination with oxygen, form numerous types of rocks, clay, sand, precious stones such as opal, agate, rock crystal, amethyst, quartz and minerals. In its various forms, it contributes to about 20% of the atoms of the earth’s crust and is present in plants, animals and humans.

Silicon Properties

We can say that is very effective in:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Balancing the shortcomings of the whole organism
  • It contributes to the re-mineralization of bone and cartilage system
  • It acts very effectively in hypertension problems
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Restructures the elastic fibers of collagen
  • Accelerates scarring

Clearly there are many benefits of this mineral, but that if organically. It is therefore very important to consume enough through our diets. The downside is that there are not the same levels in men than in women. It was found that levels of this mineral in women is 35% less than in men, and also in terms of age as these levels drop as we age. Also in cancer and tuberculosis it has shown that these also lower remarkably. Also in bone diseases and declining re-mineralization this mineral is quite remarkable.

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A powerful cardiovascular protection

Life and human age is closely linked to the quality of their arteries and the amount of silicon containing. Currently, it has been shown that this mineral protects arteries in several ways: It gives integrity to the elastic tissue of the arteries and determines its elasticity, the protecting of calcium deposits, protects the integrity of enzymatic arteries fat accumulation so it is shown to be an excellent vascular protector. Preserving the metabolism of the arterial walls lowers cholesterol levels and combats hypertension.

  • The deterioration of fibers of the arteries and elasticity is largely caused by the loss of silicon
  • The loss of major silicon in arteries, is the qualification of cholesterol plaque
  • The process of formation of cholesterol plaques is attached to the loss of silicon
  • Children arteries containing four times more silicon than in older adults
  • Silicon losses makes fragmented elastic fibers deteriorate and further its permeability promoting fat deposits and calcium on arterial walls
  • Arteries with atheroma have ten to twenty times less than this mineral a normal artery. This makes it act on the venous circulation, varicose veins and hemorrhoids as improving the tone of venous walls, and fighting inflammation and greatly improving discomfort as heavy legs.

Silicon diseases rheumatic

Where silicon has shown clear beneficial effects it is in rheumatic diseases. In these conditions, silicon reduces inflammation and pain, and produces a large regeneration cartilage of all affected joints. It also gives very good results in alleviating the difficulty of movement associated with these problems. Silicon is a great anti-inflammatory and analgesic and provides the advantages of not causing any side effects.

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Silicon sources and bioavailability

  • Silicon in water: The mineral water is a source of assimilable silicon. Although the amounts it contains are very low.
  • Silicon in food: Silicon is present in plants to a greater or lesser abundance at trace levels. Plant fibers have nutritionally significant amounts of silicon. Important examples are: wheat, oats, rice, sugarcane and bamboo.
  • Roots like beets, potatoes, and onions.
  • Fruits are also rich in silicon, such as avocado, Granada, strawberries.
  • Nuts such as walnuts and almonds, and seeds like fenugreek contain significant amounts of silicon.
  • A very important source of silicon is also seaweed. Consume regularly is very important for a good supply of silicon to our body.
  • Also some drinks such as beer and wine contain amounts of more or less important silicon.
  • Plants like horsetail, alfalfa and dandelion are a very rich source of silicon. These are available in plant form, capsules, layer tablets, etc.
  • A suitable zinc intake osteoarticular ensures good health, strengthens and flexibility to bones and decreases its porosity, helps fixing minerals and other pathologies.

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