Personal tools to use in work environments, better known evil?

Personal tools
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When we have to meet any need in the workplace what usually happens many times is to use those tools, applications, or services we already use in our daily lives. But the fact is that the use of tools for personal use in work environments is not always a good idea. This does not work better known evil….

They are used because they are usually universal applications, which everyone knows and use. This implies that the learning curve is almost zero. The downside is they are not always the most appropriate for a working environment, either because they do not respect the license for personal, or simply because they do not meet safety standards established in the organization.

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A widespread example is the use of Dropbox, which is a very useful service, which have many employees to exchange files between different computers quickly and easily. It can also be used with clients or with other companies. The problem is that it is a hole for theft and data loss uncontrolled in business or an issue if the files are moved to this virtual disk containing personal data and compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Another example is WhatsApp, where you find that the communication channel is very easy to use, but then customers certain licenses which do not correspond taken. It is true that the treatment can be more informal, but we cannot think that should send messages at any time or not respecting the breaks during weekends.

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In many cases when free use is put in place quickly, but this does not imply that they are the best options for the company, even between different free options that can be implemented. There are other tools that will give more functionality or versions of the same that are being used that are focused to fulfill its role, but while preserving the security of the organization.

Nor you have to make decisions so lightly, especially if we take no unpleasant surprises after seeing someone who has left our organization continues to have access to certain files, has been the agenda of business contacts, etc. simply because no tool to use control personal use.

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