Physiotherapy, ask reasoning and treatment, not isolated techniques

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In physiotherapy, we are used to seeing a lot of publicity with new techniques and treatments, including manual type, such as electronics and others.

In print, television, Internet … It usually see information about physiotherapy techniques that help the recovery of athletes and other celebrities, and seem to give the idea that technology alone is what has recovered from injury Is this so?

Physiotherapy techniques and misuse

As I said in the first paragraph, physiotherapy centers often offer themselves in their brochures and demanded various innovative techniques: dry needling, EPI, Pilates, kinesiotaping … Almost like a list of the dishes of a bar, so that one arrives and ask what he wants.

The idea of going to physical therapy techniques asking, in isolation, is a terrible mistake; because the techniques themselves have little power to improve injury for several reasons:

  • Focus on technique can make the time to not invest in exploring and evaluating the problem, and see if it really is necessary to apply this technique, and there are others that work better.
  • In some cases, the technique may be little (or nothing) effective for the particular problem that we suffer. In other cases it may even be contraindicated.
  • The techniques by themselves have little power in the recovery from injury: guidelines are needed, follow instructions, change habits, to find the cause of the injury, assess and reassess, to see whether to modify treatment … Rarely a problem is improved by simply applying a technique and you’re done.

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If we make a reduction ad absurdum, it is as if you have a water leak in the kitchen, call the plumber, and you say you want to apply the pipe wrench on the pipe sink that press you’ve seen that this character he was well and you want the same … Without the plumber values where the leak is and why it occurred, and to use the right techniques.

If the absurdity we take the health world, is like going to the doctor for pain and ask him to send you the treatment you sent your neighbor, who did very well, while continuing to explore what your pain is and look for the best solution.

Apply a technique without assessing whether it is appropriate for the problem may hinder the correct resolution.

Clinical reasoning: The best techniques

Physiotherapy we are seeking to claim that, although the techniques are a fundamental part (both manually and with therapy devices, exercise …) what really drives the process of recovery from injury is the reasoning, which is the method which it is used to explore, evaluate, identify problems and find the best solutions.

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So I dare say that the reasoning is the fundamental part of physiotherapy. You will find the “fault” and will determine the “tools” that work best for that particular problem.

So the next time that you go to physical therapy, instead of asking the treatment of Cristiano Ronaldo, or athletes of the Olympic Games, asks that values well you explain your problem and what is best for you recover.

Now I wonder have you come to physiotherapy asking isolated techniques.

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