Plan to prepare the garden, steps to enjoy in spring

prepare the garden
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Spring is one of the most grateful for the garden seasons. The temperature ever going to be more enjoyable and times of those who can have much greater, so prepare the garden great to have it at this time is one of the most satisfying tasks you can perform. Notes these proposals of LifeStyleQA with whom leave your garden ready to enjoy.

No matter what size you have, what counts is to have your taste, very careful and especially with joy. After the hard winter you may find that some of your plants are not as expected, especially if you love wearing flowers but do not worry because with just a few steps will again have at its best.

prepare the garden
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Eliminates the remains of winter

It is quite possible that winter has spoiled many areas of your garden, especially seasonal plants. The first thing you have to do is remove all the branches and leaves to find so clean the most. Pruning is also very important, you know that the perfect time is during the dormant period the plant or shrub that you have, but you can consult all here.

Once you have done this outside, cleaning the next step is also very important. Fertilize the soil substrate quality is vital for plants that already existed and you have new grow strong and vigorous. Depending on the kinds of plants you choose will have to use one product or another, but it is easier than it seems, on the website of Leroy Merlin will find all the information on how to choose land and substrates.

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Compositions of plants and shrubs

Spring and summer take many months of the year so if you are one of those people who love to spend as long as possible in the garden will surely want to have perfectly manicured. For this every season, you choose seasonal flowers that you like and with them plant some shrubs that will last all year.

prepare the garden
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Think of a colorful and some distribution of plants in a notebook and take it with you to choose which plants build your garden. Once the selections just have to arrange them in the appropriate areas and transplant them carefully in order to get a perfect composition for the entire summer. To conclude it with a hearty nod for land irrigation.

A nice lawn

The lawn is one of the most important parts of the garden, so I have it green and well maintained will provide a wonderful look. If during the winter you have left a little side again befriend the machine mowing and use it regularly, some will come not bad irrigation.

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If, however, you are someone who prefer the artificial turf not hesitate a minute as the way to put it is really simple and the result is very nice as today there are a lot of options. You can choose from different shades of green and between different lengths, choose the ideal for your entire garden, one more step contort if you have a longer and for less populated areas.

prepare the garden
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Revive garden furniture

Surely if you have a garden of considerable size sometime, you’ve done with a set of furniture to relax, eat or have a drink at any time of day. You will also have decorated with typical elements some corners and every summer we are complimenting even more if possible.

The surprise is to find some damage after hard winter, but do not worry because everything has a solution. If your wood furniture has lost some color, only you have to sand them a little and return with special outdoor varnish. If an object of decoration has been husked you can fix it with quick putties and if the color of any area of your garden is whitish, with an exterior paint again have a perfect result.

If it will be the first time you buy a set for the garden or terrace thinks that this year light colors like white and gray are pure trend. Natural or looks worn something woods are also fashionable so if you want to be the last you have it easy.

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