Practice, the key to success in life

key to success
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If, like me many and many times we got to ask the because there geniuses and why not, Why are there these famous football, they awarded Oscars and many others who succeed, but I do not? If you enter too deeply let’s put it to cold, because you!

Many believe that the gifts become something that comes by default with people; it is something that in itself is not 100% true, if it were so, we must also consider that a gift is not at all, more is required to get something valuable in life. Example:

John, was born with a gift for the guitar, it discovers to 10 years, which is dedicated to it, but as a simple pastime, without giving much importance.

Pedro was born with a gift for painting, however this will not ever discover, for he had never come so close to this environment where he could play his talent, however this is fascinated by what is music, a guitar purchased, although it is this does not stop bad practice and is slowly learning what he likes so much.

One day John and Peter are involved in a small guitar competition, where you see John playing moderately guitar, because it has not added to his talent that is the doctrine and dedication steadily, it was just a hobby for instead Pedro came to win the award since this I dedicate a lot of time to the point of being very good at it.

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In this little story, we can see that if one is born with what is talent or gift for anything, we see that this is not everything, but it also requires constant dedication to, a gift without practice is almost nothing.

There is a very interesting book called “Talent is overrated”, which belongs to Geoffrey Colvin, this book denies that the successes of celebrities is that they are born with a natural talent, more unlike the concept Colvin handles are based on the successes they are the result of what is perseverance and hard work.

In this book, the well-known study that had become a psychologist named Anders Ericsson mentioned:

“In a music academy in Berlin with children five years studying the violin. At 20 outstanding violinists they had accumulated 10,000 hours of practice, good 8,000 and 4,000 less than normal. Ericsson writes that while it is true that there is the innate talent to develop a skill, if it is not practiced void or poorly developed.”

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In addition, we can realize our own life, as so many things that once used to do, now it is no longer the same, do you remember those times where no one could beat him in football? Or, if you previously had a great singing voice, but now the fact of having a life, pursue other more fundamental things has prevented him to continue with this hobby that used to have the edge, as a result, no longer is the same, it is very likely that this is because they no longer get to play a practice that used to have before.

It is in vain that this kind of activity comes the phrase “practice makes perfect”, also, when one begins to see that we have errors that we play, we realize that it is a lack of practice.

In order to achieve goals in life, it is necessary to completely devote yourself to what you want to achieve.

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