Prevent stress in the workplace

Stress in the workplace
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The tips or advice to prevent stress in the workplace is essential as we spent a third of the working day.

Some tips to reorganize your workplace or the way you organize your workday:

  • Try to be able to look at a place outside. That is to look into a park, garden or street.
  • However, you have a place outward to please look at a plant or a bouquet of flowers, for nature is present.
  • Use natural light and low-energy light but yellow or warm color.
  • Make sure that the colors of your workplace are clear, soft and warm.
  • From your job, the door is visible.
  • Keep your ordered items and with the fewest possible elements written. Just be whom you are going to use.
  • Take a break on your computer screen.
  • If no heating or air conditioning in your workplace, you should leave a small opening of the window or door, to circulate the air.
  • When you go leave a window, open for air to be renewed.
  • When you leave, even for a few hours, turn off your computer. You will break it and save energy.
  • If you have meetings, take a space between them, of 20 minutes.
  • If you can keep soft music in the pace and volume.
  • Do one thing every time: I mean if you are answering mails, do not talk on the phone and vice versa.
  • If you can keep only a lit phone: the line or cell, and it cannot leave a phone conversation to address the other phone; when you return conclusion one another.
  • Take time out to lunch.

If you are a long time sitting…

Stress in the workplace is also accentuated if we are sitting a long time and especially if it is on the computer.

Our body tries to compensate for the stress and posture and so some of the things that happens is that force the view, generate tension in the neck muscles causing headaches, muscle spasms, stiff neck, numbness of the hands, pain wrists, sore eyes, etc.

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The following are helpful tips or advice, then, when stress in the workplace is caused by the fact spend much time sitting or front of a computer:

  • Your chair has support.
  • If it is possible that your chair is wooden.
  • That hold you back mainly the lower part of the spine (lumbar)
  • Your desk should be about 20 cm. about your thighs.
  • Keep leaning, sitting on your sit bones (bones found in the pelvis)
  • Between your legs and hips has an angle of 90°.
  • Keep your legs uncrossed most of the time.
  • Support your feet entirely on the floor.
  • Keep your head aligned with the spine.
  • Approximately every half do some stretching and changes position.

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