Procrastination in the tasks we do not see obvious solution

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There are a number of tasks that we do not see a clear end. We have a solution that we know and apply it works, or simply cannot quantify how much time we will devote to it to get it ready. And next we have another task that is perhaps less urgent, but we know that at the end of the day no longer be on our list. Is the procrastination in the tasks we do not see an obvious solution.

But the truth is that although we believe that we have not advanced as it seemed. The task seems unapproachable, so we have to divide and raise it as a number of items have to try to rule out possible ways to find ours. True, we cannot dedicate all day or several days to solve, so we have to break it to attack more manageable way.

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In this way we will move forward step by step and we have a road map with this clear task. Every day we get the task we once thought we could not go being clearer fix, the solution was a tangle be staying in a couple of possible threads.

This put it in a big task and it seems logical and obvious, but the fact is that we also practice it with small tasks, we left and we leave at the end of the list to move forward so we can solve or up to us to do.

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The trouble is that we are not aware of not working properly, many times to be practicing procrastination. At the end of the day we are working, but the truth is that we are not attacking the tasks we should, which are more urgent, but nevertheless, we leave them abandoned and killing others not so important.

The downside is that eventually we run out of time and energy, and also have to face our task ahead, unwilling, without the necessary mental freshness to find a solution but just in time, so we end up frustrated and completing homework wrong and never late.

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