Protein chocolate custard

Protein chocolate custard
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For some time we have been proposing you different recipes protein desserts, always simple to perform, to take away that sweet craving that many of us usually have quite frequently.

We have proposed recipes protein chocolate and apple muffins, cakes and brownies, different versions of custards or simple protein biscuits chocolate, well, today we propose another idea: protein chocolate custard.

With this recipe we will develop a rich custard low fat chocolate and also will help us in our protein intake daily, which is what we want to achieve in our series of standard recipes.

The ingredients will be very simple, like drawing, and the amounts we suggest we go out about 4 individual servings of custard, about 150 ml per unit. In addition, one of the ingredients that we use is the gelatin sheets, whose protein content is very high, around 85-90% protein pure!


  • 600ml oat milk or skim
  • 120g of whey protein chocolate (4 ladles)
  • 4 sheets of gelatin for desserts
  • Cinnamon or chocolate shavings for garnish (optional)
  • Sweetener to taste


  • Hydrate in cold water gelatin sheets for about 4-5 minutes will separate the milk 600ml two containers (300ml and 300ml one another).
  • Micro heat it in one of the containers of milk and when we sheets hydrated gelatin will dissolve in the hot milk.
  • In the other container left us with cold milk, we will miss and disband the protein whey chocolate.
  • Mix the contents of both containers and will mix evenly. It’s time to sweeten to taste, go slowly trying not to spend though usually with a couple of teaspoons of sweetener is usually sufficient.
  • We distribute the custard into ramekins (about 4 servings we will approx.) And when cool the refrigerator introduce in order to make them well chilly.

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We can use any other flavor of protein for sour cream, for example, if we like the classic custard can substitute chocolate for protein vanilla and sprinkle some cinnamon on the surface or top pin that we like.


For each individual ration will have a chocolate custard protein of about 150 ml with a caloric intake of about 155kcal and 28g protein. Not bad, right?

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