Purifying juices, ideal to take care

Purifying juices
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Some of the most effective purifying juices or juices are made from vegetables and vegetables helps to eliminate toxins and re-mineralization.

The purifying vegetable juices balance body fluids to increase the purifying capacity of the organism. They are a potent source of solar energy that regenerates us inside and a very pleasant way to clean up after the summer.

Celery juice

Celery is a great stimulator debugging kidneys, liver and lungs, an excellent tonic nervous system and adrenal glands responsible for regulating the stress response. Nitrates and minerals (sodium, calcium and potassium) Celery confers great re-mineralization, slimming and cleansing virtues. It is ideally combined with apple and carrot. We recommend taking between meals sensationalize well.

Grapefruit juice

The bitter substance of grapefruit has a very favorable action on the liver, activating the digestion and elimination of liquids. It has a high percentage of vitamin C, essential minerals and vitamins, which normalizes the metabolic process. The priest begins taking grapefruit juice fasting a grapefruit down to five to be lowering the dose at a rate of one per day.

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Black radish juice

Thanks to its organic sulfur, content of black radish juice may help lower cholesterol and helps the liver cleansing; it is also an excellent antiseptic blood and bronchi. Four tablespoons of black radish juice mixed with water or orange juice fasting are taken. It is also advisable to add other mixtures of vegetable juices.

Cabbage juice

Cabbage juice helps heal and regenerate the intestinal muscle cells. Cabbage is rich in chlorophyll which promotes the production of hemoglobin and urine output. It is best taken with carrot juice and turnip to promote re-mineralization and debugging. Half a glass before lunch and dinner for a month helps a very nice improvement in digestive functioning.

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