Relations conflicting couple decreases health

Conflict in relationships
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Fighting with the couple not only reduces mood but also can cause problems for the long-term health. We explain why. Do you think a troubled relationship can bring something positive to a human being? The answer seems obvious. However, around us we can see that couples who fight all the time are closer than we think. You can even yourself to be involved in a relationship where discussions and assaults are daily bread. 

The trouble is that not everything forgotten reconciliation. The body and mind of a person subject to an adversarial relationship accumulate all that emotional distress to reach physically and psychologically ill  this conclusion came a study conducted at the University of Washington, when a group researchers evaluated on parameters laboratory as breathing, heart rate, sweat rate and the release of hormones in pairs engaged in a discussion.

The bodily reactions of the couple in conflict did not wait: as an immediate consequence of the discussion, is presented in both partners a significant elevation of sweating and adrenaline, increased heart rate and blood pressure, nervous movements, stomach contraction, paralysis of the body and mind.

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In the long run, it was concluded that conflicting couples had problems chronic stress, deficiencies in their immune system, problems in the autonomic nervous system, anxiety disorders, depression, addictions, psychosomatic disorders, among others.

Keys to improve the relationship

As you see, having problems with your partner can not only grieved, but sick. So that the couple is not a burden but a backup to deal with difficult moments of life, we suggest.

1- Talk: Many fights and arguments couple starting a misunderstanding. To avoid fights, it is best to communicate, talk and try to find a solution to the conflict.

2- Respect: For more heated the discussion is presented, respect must remain. None of the partners should allow insults or physical aggression or verbal.

3- No discussions convert the means to reach an agreement: many couples believe that a decision must first be arguing and fighting.   That is not the way: you can speak reason and reach agreement without creating unnecessary conflicts. 

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4- Solve the problems of the past: many couples believe they have overcome their problems, but when the truth bitterness and unforgiveness are made ​​present in every discussion in the form of claims and indirect. Forgive and forget about everything, past hurts your relationship to have a future.

5- You go to marriage counseling when conflicts, fights, screams and insults seem to have no solution. A third party may be helpful for a couple who makes the conflict the way they relate.

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